difficult child diagnosis'd with BiPolar (BP) II, question about some medication suggestions...

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difficult child and I spoke this morning about the medications. She is not too keen on switching things up. She is VERY unhappy with what Prozac has done to her sex drive and although she likes how Prozac keeps her pmdd in check, she wants to replace it with something that will have less of an effect on her libido.

I asked her about the mania and how she told the psychiatrist that she sometimes 'forgets' or doesn't realize what she has done....well, this morning she described it differently and better. What she said is that she doesn't forget or not realize what she's done (such as a shopping spree), it is more like once she gets outside and back to her car with all her packages, she's suddenly struck by what she has done and has instant regret. But she feels stupid going back in and returning everything so she just ends up feeling bad.

She also said that only sometimes does she feel like she can't remember.

I like the idea of a slow release Xanax, as that would address her anxiety constantly.

Does anyone know of an antidepressant within a similar class to Prozac that doesn't completely kill your libido?
Thank you!!


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Did he talk about Seroquel at all? It is in the same class of drugs as Risperdal but at higher (300mg+) doses, it also functions as a mood stabilizer.

I agree with others that Trileptal or Tegretol might have less side effects. Depakote made Kanga gain 50 pounds in 2 months. Both Lithium andDepakote require blood draws for monitoring.


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Onyxx has been on Seroquel, Wellbutrin, Risperdal, Zoloft, and Invega... I know there is other stuff, I just can't remember it.

The Invega at 3mg was pretty good. Risperdal, .25 mg AM, .25 PM, .25 bedtime was AWESOME. Too bad she didn't agree. ADs were a disaster for her.

husband on Prozac was BAD NEWS. Paxil was much better though he is off that, now. And interestingly since he quit smoking he's a lot calmer. Hmmmm. Celexa and Lexapro are really close, Celexa being a miracle for me.

Prozac is an SSRI - http://www.drugs.com/drug-class/ssri-antidepressants.html - so maybe there's something here? Oh, and as for libido... No matter what I am on it's ugly.
I know you don't think a mood stabilizer would be the best option at this point, but since they're still being discussed, thought I would throw my two cents in. Prior to difficult child 1 starting Trileptal, his psychiatrist (husband and I loved him, totally trusted his advice), told us that out of all the mood stabilizers, Trileptal has some of the least side effects as others have already mentioned here.

difficult child 1 is very sensitive to medications too. He also hates needles (has lots of tattoos now, lol...) and we never would have been able to get him to take a drug where he had to have regular blood draws. I know there is the possibility of flat emotions, spacey feeling, weight gain, but since the side effects can vary from person to person, it might be worthwhile to keep this medication in the back of your mind, just in case your difficult child tries a different antidepressant/anxiety medication combo and it doesn't work out. Just my two cents, for whatever it's worth...

Wish the process of finding the right combo of medications didn't have to be so complicated!

As always, thinking of you, hoping your difficult child finds that perfect combo ASAP!! SFR

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Thanks Step and SFR, DJ, JJJ, for the additional comments. I think I may be jaded about medications in general, but I will make a list and research all those mentioned here, share it with difficult child and see what thinks. We have another appointment with the psychiatrist next wed to discuss further and make a decision. Oy!


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Have not read all replies, so sorry if I say somethng you have already heard/thought of.

Bipolar and mood disorders toher than straight up unipolar depression should NEVERNEVERNEVER be treated with ssri's only or first. In someone with a mood disorder, ssri's may SEEM to work but they trigger mania. I have yet to hear anyone in our large bipolar depression support group say that they had ANY positive results from ssri/snri medications alone. MANY, the majority of those iwth mood disorder not otherwise specified or bipolar, have ended up in the psychiatric hospital or getting arrested for things they have done while manic on ssri/snri medications alone.

The first medications should be 1 or 2 mood stabilizers and an AAP. It can take quite some time to get the right combo, but those I kno who have found it are astounded. they think and feel like 'regular' people.

MOST of those I know, pediatrician and adults, with this diagnosis have had more than a few psychiatrists want them to take ssri/snri medications only. They don't seem to care that the rx protocol is to do the 1 or 2 mood stabs and AAP's first, then if symptoms still seem to be a problem, to add a very very low dose of ssri/snri and watch super carefully. I have been asking psychiatrists for over a decade why they don't follow the approved protocol set by the board who certifies psychiatrists, and none have given a coherent answer other than the mood stabs and AAP's require blood tests and they don't want to 'mess' with those. in my opinion it is malpractice to rx ssri/snri medications to someone with bipolar/mood disorder not otherwise specified, but it seems to be the most common first step for those who don't know to protest.


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Okay, I'll say as far as Saphris goes, it hasn't killed MY libido! If that helps any. And I have a pretty healthy libido.


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I keep getting told I have bipolar II and I take SSRIs with no manic results and I hate mood stabilizers. I wish SSRIs *did* give me manis!!! Mania is fun :)