difficult child FINALLY made a hockey team!


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Although I have shared with you ladies that difficult child has been cut from the other teams for the wrong reasons, I am thrilled to say he at least made the B team. He again was awesome :smile: When we had the 1 on 1 meeting with the coach and he told difficult child that he made it, the relief on difficult child's face was heart-wrenching. He was so worried. He thanked the coach several times and in the end although he knows he's advanced for this team, he's happy that he's on a competitive team and will play with his heart.

He has learned so many valuable life lessons in the past three weeks.

I will still ask why he was cut from the other teams but for now, we will enjoy what he has accomplished.

First practice tomorrow, first game on Monday :smile:

YAY FOR difficult child!


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YaY for difficult child. I agree. I hope these other coaches see him in action, and are like, man how could I have missed that opportunity. I am glad he will be out on the ice having a great time and playing hard..Good Luck on your first game!


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Way To Go! difficult child. Every success is something to celebrate.
Hugs to you and difficult child. It's been a tough few days.


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Maybe being the "star" player will build up his confidence.....could be a good thing in hindsight.......

Hoping for a winning season for him.


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From someone who
a.) cant' ice skate
b.) isn't coordinated
c.) couldn't skate and carry a stick let alone hit a pucky thing

DDDDDDDDDDdddddddddang GOOD on ya kiddo!

Doing the happy dance for you!! :bravo: