difficult child followed through!


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You may remember that difficult child decided to investigate attending the local technical college on the Hope grant. She met with a counselor and set up an appointment with the financial aid people for the following week.

Well, that was last week but she called and told us that she had forgotten that she had an appointment with her psychiatrist that day so she had called the college and rescheduled for this week.

She went yesterday and spoke with the financial aid counselor. They filled out the paperwork for the Hope grant but difficult child told the counselor that she really wanted to go back to get her degree to be a teacher. She was hoping that some of the courses she took at the techincal college would transfer. It turned out, though, that she had already taken all of the courses that would transfer so the counselor suggested taking out a FAFSA loan and returning to the local community college.

husband pointed out to difficult child that loans needed to be repaid but I am impressed that she has done all of this on her own without prompting. Could she possibly be serious this time?

Please keep your fingers crossed that this comes to something. With delivering pizza at night, she has her days free so she could go to classes and still live in her apartment.

I need some good news right now. I need an objective outside view. Please tell me that you see growth here. . .



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Kathy, I'm being honest here. I really DO see some growth here. Six months ago you would have gotten a smart remark and no action. I see this as a huge step.

Fingers crossed that some positive comes back to difficult child so that she will see the benefit of her actions.



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I wouldn't do cartwheels yet BUT I sure do see progress and a sense of focus that were not in existence six months ago. There
is good reason to hope, Kathy....just temper it with the reality
that steps forward usually are followed by a little backward
action. The goal is to end up at the finish line. We all know she can do it! Hugs. DDD

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This is good news :grin:

. I'm with the others. This does appear to be progress in the right direction. I'd enjoy the accomplishment while reminding myself she might regress a bit in the future. That way if she does slide back some you will have been expecting it and it might not hit as hard.

Now if you're like me, you'll be holding your breath afraid the slightest thing might jinx it. :hammer:


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The fact that she has a goal of being a teacher is pretty impressive. She called and changed an appointment. She went and she did what she should. What's not to be hopeful about? You have to really celebrate the successes. It's the only way to get through those down times. She did good.


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Well it certainly looks as though she is making every effort to make that happen. Hope she can keep the momentum going.



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I see hope. You know I have stated I was a difficult child and I went back to school after I had my kids. I did it the hard way when I had to figure it out for myself and find my own way. I appreciated it more because I had to earn it myself. No one gave it to me. Every grade I got was my own. It was darn hard work with babies hanging on my shirt tails. But I did it and I made a 4.0 too. I dont think I would have studied as hard if someone else had been handing me a free ride.


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<span style="color: #660000">~~~ be responsible regarding appointment...check

~~~ prioritize appointments....check

~~~ have a viable plan....check

~~~ do not expect instant results....check

yup, kathy, it does seem like she's making progress. see what time on her own has wrought!!

i think she's getting it!!!

kris </span>


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Hoping that she continues to "follow thru".
That is really all we can pray for with our difficult child's.



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Kathy, I see good, solid progress here, too. Remember we are dealing with a difficult child here though, and keep your joy in difficult child's progress to yourself for now is what I say.

Just let her do what she is doing.

Everytime we compliment or display pride in our difficult child's, they fall apart.

Has anyone else noticed that, or is it just me?