difficult child got a haircut



After 4 years of growing his hair(only trimmings). Often trimmings that often led to a big dissagreement. Our neighbor is a beautician and only one time did someone else cut his hair. And they cut his ear. so, she is the only one who has ever cut difficult child's hair. difficult child did mention it earlier. Actually last year they were hosting a fund raiser at school and one of the staff members asked him if he would shave his head for charity. They had over $1000 in pledges just from staff...but in the end he chickened out. He had beautiful thick dark hair. Called me just before I left work today and asked if he can go as soon as I get home. Because he is so impulsive, I had to ask if he thought about this. he said yes, and he knows it will grow back. We went to 5 hair salons. All said you must have an appointment (even though at some of the places nobody was there). ended up going to Great Clips. He got NINE inches cut off. From the top of his head to the longest shoulder length must be about 11 inches. Because he has about 2 inches of layered hair now. I think he looks older. And you know what the first thing difficult child said "I look like a girl now" :rofl:
Just gets nine inches cut off and NOW he thinks he looks like a girl?? I would put it in pig tails when he would let me..just for fun. This was a major step for him. His hair was his pride and joy. Always had to be just so. Spent more time fixing his hair than I spend fixing mine. Hair was such a big issue. I feel relieved. Like he just crossed a mile stone.
Then in baseball tonight he hit a triple. They suffered their second loss of the season. He handled it very well. :smile:
Just had to share. it may seem like nothing to many people, but just getting his hair trimmed was a fight. :whew:


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Sounds like a positive step!

Now could he talk to my kids?!?! LOL BOTH of them refuse to get their hair cut and the mops on their heads look awful! LOL


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Gosh I'm totally green with envy! Congrats on his haircut, and it sounds perfectly normal to me to celebrate a haircut! My difficult child's hair looks wretched, I loathe it, I mean I really really really loathe it. It needs a cut. I am not against boys with long hair, but difficult child's has no shape, it is so thick it poofs everywhere and he isn't the best at brushing it. About a month ago I literally had to cut a MAT out of the back of his hair along his necklong. A big mat! He just says well my name is Matt after all. *groan*
I too will post here when the magical moment happens here and his locks are left behind on some salon floor!!


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:smile: It's funny what makes us difficult child moms so happy!

My difficult child is opposite - he has to get a buzz - and when I say buzz I mean buzz! He looks like this guy: :rolleyes: because he is completely bald buzzed (his hair is really dark so you can see the stubble even when it's completely buzzed). Finally, he let he hair grow out and asked for a stylish haircut with spiky hair on top. He is soooo much cuter and has gotten soooo many compliments, I hope he doesn't go back to the buzz.

Congrats on the milestone!



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that is wonderful, though I have to say I like long hair on guys. lol
I bet he will like the compliments from others when they see his new look!


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Wow, kjs. Our difficult child's must have had some telepathy going on. He finally just cut his last week. He also just got a normal boy cut with a few layers. His hair is so fine and straight and it was almost down to his shoulders. It was so dirty that the lady's comb kept getting stuck. (eww) He looks so handsome now! I don't care what my kids do to their hair, it's just hair. But he looks so grown up!


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I don't think that this haircut is "nothing" at all!! Way to go for difficult child. :bravo:

Our difficult child wants his hair cut as short as humanly possible when he goes because he hates the process, too. We have a good stylist that deals well with him, thank God!

I always breathe a big sigh of relief when difficult child is done and sitting in the waiting room.

Bet your son will get compliments galore!

PS: Had to chuckle when he thought he looked more like a girl with SHORT hair! Gotta love that different perception our difficult child's have, dontcha?? :rofl: