difficult child got medications today...H


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She got a generic Zoloft, but she was also prescribed hydroxyzine. The hydroxyzine is PRN when she feels she needs help calming down. Has anyone else had that prescribed for their child? I hope she can tolerate the Zoloft.

The past few months gave been awful. She us failing 3 classes, one D and one C-. Only two of those 5 classes are required subjects... Math and English. She has also been experimenting with pot. She got in to an altercation after school on Friday. She didn't start it, well at least not physically start the fight, but she has been contacting her ex boyfriend by phone or text, and his current girlfriend got mad. The xbf is the one we could have pressed charges for having sex with gig when she was 15 and he was 18. Oh, and she has had an inappropriate photo circulating around.

Plus, on top of all this, she manipulates everything to make it my fault. As in, "you expect me to fail... (Or what ever the and behavior is) so I am just living up to what you expect of me." Her last lovely words to me was... "I am going to live in a trailer park and smoke pot just to pi** you off!!!"

1 year and 11 months to go... Ksm
I've taken it and I can tell you for me, it does quiet my thoughts and sort of acts like a giant reset button...it works pretty well to get my anxiety reined in (I use it VERY prn).

it has antihistamine properties and has been around a long time, sometimes I get that hung over feeling which I always assume is due to dehydration, but otherwise its fine. it does make ME tired so I stick to bedtime with it. for that reason I would tell her to wait until the weekend/at night to try it--I wouldn't start it with on a school day until she knows how she'll feel afterward.

afaik, its nothing that has to be titrated, weaned off, or has major side effects, but I haven't looked into it in ages, so don't take that as gospel.

hope that helps--anxiety is awful.


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My difficult child was put to Zoloft and prn hydroxyzine mainly for anxiety. Zoloft wasn't fit for him, because he lost his appetite, or more like found food a disgusting idea, and was rapidly loosing weight because of that. Not a tolerable side effect for him. It did seem promising otherwise though.

Hydroxyzine has been a good fit with certain limitations. He takes it to cut an anxiety cycle before it ends up to full-blown panic attack or meltdowns/lashing out. It also helps him sleep. It works well for that. However, it does have tiring/dulling/slowing effect that last quite some time or that is how he feels, so he usually only takes it at nights when he does have free day next day. Only if he is having really hard time, he may take it even if he has practises at the morning. But you have to remember that my difficult child is a pro athlete that makes a living by being extremely sharp, focused, quick and agile. He says that tiring/dulling effect doesn't bother his normal life, he may nap a fifteen minute longer if he has taken it night before, but can do all the normal stuff next day without any problems.

I do know many take hydroxyzine also during day for it's antihistamine use and apparently when you use it more, the tiring effects get less and anyway for many they are tolerable also during the day. Still, best to try it at night and when there is nothing important to do next day.


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difficult child took one hydroxyzine last night, and it was a little before bedtime. She. Was getting irritated about small things and asked to take it. She was a little hard to get up and around this morning, but that is typical. She took her first Zoloft today before school. The doctor said she may have some stomach upset with it, so I had her eat a small bagel. Hope it helps. Thanks. Ksm


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Good luck! We never used those medications but starting any medication is stressful for everyone. Hugs DDD


Has she tried yoga? I suffer from anxiety and I have found that going to a beginners yoga class has helped me tremendously!! I always try a natural cure before I try pills. There are a lot of natural ways to combat anxiety. Chamomile, St. Johns Wort and Valerian root help. Anxiety can also be caused by having low magnesium. So magnesium suppliments can help. Have her try some of these and maybe a yoga class. I didn't think I could do yoga. I am overweight and have diabetic neuropathy but when I walk out of there I am so relaxed!!


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I didn't think I could do yoga. I am overweight and have diabetic neuropathy but when I walk out of there I am so relaxed!!

Good ideas, but now that we have srtarted rx, i dont kniw about combining it with other items. It is hard to find a yoga class in our community that a teen could attend after school. But, difficult child mentioned an interest for some type of martial arts, so i am checking on that. Ksm