difficult child got sent home this afternoon...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Castle Queen, May 15, 2013.

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    ...for swearing. He supposedly told a group of kids to "shut the f up." while they were all outside. And flipped the bird in the lunchroom. Only...of course he says he didn't do it. He says he used a "sound alike" word and never flipped anyone off. The trigger was another child invaded his personal space while he was sitting under a tree reading. Luckily only an afternoon's suspension, but I was at work so my fiance had to go pick him up at school.

    Sigh...ok I admit defeat. The medications aren't helping....enough. The neuropsychologist wasn't hopeful we could get an IEP, but did encourage me to get a 504...but it's the end of the year. And what type of accommodation could have prevented this scenario?
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    Well, social skills training with the school therapist would help. Having a safe spot where he can go to calm down before he blows up where other kids won't be by him. I don't remember your son's behavior issues so this might not apply but a behavior plan to help the adults all respond to him the most appropriate way. And the legal protection of an IEP so that if he starts getting expelled for more than 10 days then the school has to change something to get him educated.

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    If his behavior is resulting in suspensions... then his behavior is interfering with his ability to get an education. He needs a BIP - and the only way to make it enforceable is with an IEP.