difficult child has mini-meltdown in hospital...yea!!

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    First, let me tell everyone on this board how much their responses have meant to me in the last couple of days-I couldn't have made it without you. Big hugs to everyone. I went to visit difficult child yesterday and before I went, I stopped at Habitat for Humanity to do some browsing(my best stress reliever). I bought difficult child a bunch of books that I thought he'd like but left them in the car because he already had two books with him.

    When I got up there, we had to visit in the conference room because his roommate was using their room to visit with his parents. The conference room, however, was beyond where the nurse's could observe his behavior. I told him that I had bought him the books and that I would bring one or two up tomorrow. He kept insisting that I go get them now and I kept telling him no. At this point, I started to realize that some behavior might come up and asked his nurse to put us back where they could observe him. She gladly set up a table near the nurses station where we could visit. BINGO! He kept bothering me about the book and would not let me change the subject. The nurse told me to let her know if I wanted him to have a time-out. When he began to gently kick and hit me, I told her to put him in T/O. He tried to hide under a table and two orderlies took him kicking and screaming. I had to wait in the waiting area. Well, I never got to go back in. The nurse said he was being very defiant, knocked over the table and was threatening to run to the car.

    A few things she said made me feel much better. She said she was very glad they were doing additional psychiatric testing. She also said that she said she felt that alot of this was out of his control and that if he had stopped the minute that I left the room, they might have thought that I wasn't setting good limits(?) but that since he continued with them and wouldn't stop, they knew it was something more. I don't know if this will be enough but it can't hurt. I'm sad about all of this but know it's for the best right now. Without you guys telling me about pushing his buttons, I might never have done what I did yesterday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm off to see him again and will report back later. Have a peaceful day.
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    Usually you would get a "Sorry about the meltdown - especially around others" but this time "BRAVO - I AM SO GLAD YOUR difficult child HAD A MELTDOWN!!! OH, HOW FANTASTIC!!!"

    Now is the time to let staff document why in your book this is a mini and not a regular - how much worse does it get?
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    Hugs! I know the feeling of people thinking we are being overdramatic, etc but until they see if for themselves they just don't know.
    Sending lots of hugs and hoping today is a good day.
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    Chris, we are a select group of parents who are actually relieved when our kids melt down in front of professionals. Way To Go! I've got my fingers crossed. Take care.


    Yeah- isn't it funny the things we become grateful for? Thanks.
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    Chris, you handled it very well. Like Adrianne said, remind them of the staples in your head, and how much worse it can get when there isn't a nurse and two orderlies to step in.

    I hate to see any kid have a meltdown. We know that they are as unpleasant for them as they are for us. Although I think the longterm effects are harder on us because we have adult worries about them. But if they are having them, there is no better place for it to happen.
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    I am glad he is showing his true colors to the staff. They can't treat what they can't see. I know it is hard for you. But it sounds like you handled things just right.

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    you're an official member of the "difficult child button pushing" club :O)

    so proud of you, I know it was hard, but in the long run, it will help
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    In this case, definitely good news. I hope it leads to further evaluation and some help for difficult child and your family!

    Good Luck!
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    Congrats! It is so nice when the children actually demonstrate why they need help. It makes successful treatment so much more likely.
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    Bitter sweet moment.....two of those myself. difficult child had a seizure in front of the Neuro.....confirmed. My Mom spent 7 days straight with difficult child without us around....confirmed.

    Never want those type of things to happen, but glad they do when someone else is around that makes it so important. I hope the meltdown helps out in one way or another OR even more!