difficult child having a sleep study

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by busywend, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. busywend

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    So, difficult child FINALLY admitted she is depressed. Me, Biodad and stepmom all sat down Friday night and had a discussion about a card found in her room at dad's house.
    It was a 'Husband' birthday card. So, curious stepmom thought difficult child had taken one of her cards. But, no. It was for a boy that we have forbidden difficult child to communicate with as he is too old for her. He is 19. She is only 16.
    So, I mention to stepmom while we are discussing this over the phone that the boy was in PA at some group home and that is where she had sent letter to before we realized his age. She said this was sent to NY. Right in our town. I asked the address and it turned out to be the County JAIL!

    She then noticed the return address was neither of difficult children homes - but a friend of hers around the corner from me. So, the little sneak had played us and found a way to continue to contact him. We had a talk about that with difficult child (grounded) and the talk led to me expressing that I felt difficult child was depressed and had been for months. Well, biodad and stepmom agreed and told difficult child why they felt she was! It was perfect! They mentioned all the things I had seen and I think this opened difficult children eyes to the possibility (of course whenever I speak it is wrong :smirk: )

    So, took difficult child into the docs on Saturday. He asked a bunch of questions. She admits she is depressed. Says no pills or therapy. He is starting with a sleep study as her teachers have been saying she is awfully tired lately - I attributed that to being sick for 5 weeks.

    Who knows what a sleep study will do but it is working for difficult child. She LOVES attention getting things like this. So, she is willing to go! It is the first step. She admitted it.

    Oh and as usual, she is extremely happy after being punished. She lost her beloved cell phone for 2 weeks. Her computer is already broken. I guess she is forced to spend time with her family! The torture!

  2. Hound dog

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    At 16 the worst punishment in the world. :rofl:

    Well, at least she's willing to admit there is a problem. That's a start.

    When Nichole's depression was at it's worst back at age 15 I had to literally drag the girl to the psychiatrists. :rolleyes:

    Keeping fingers crossed she continues to cooperate.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    At least she is willing to do something :slap:. If she starts with the sleep study, it could continue from there......

    I'm glad you could all sit down rationally and discuss difficult child. A family working together to support our kids is one of the best things we can do for them - whether difficult child or easy child!

    Glad stepmom is a snoop :dance:

  4. Sheila

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    It's a plus she's willing to do the diagnostics. Yay!!!!

    lol at the torture.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Wendy, this is awesome! Not that she is depressed, but that you all had the sit down together...so great for your girl to see that and take action!

    I hope the sleep study goes well. difficult child had one as well last year. It was inconclusive. However, she is always tired - the kid could sleep all night and still take a mid morning and mid afternoon nap if I let her.
  6. Sunlight

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    My thought as well was a smile that you adults are all on her side and co-operate in helping her.
  7. busywend

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    I am thrilled to have her admit the depression. While we were talking I asked her if she wanted to cry. She nodded and the tears came flowing. I told her this was the very place she should feel most comfortable crying - with us. I hugged her as much as she would allow (not really a hug, more of a lean against).

    The sleep study can not happen until December. So, meanwhile I am going to get the doctor to order blood work. To test for every possible thing that could bring out depression. My thinking is the sooner we can get to the medication option the better. And if we never get to it because we find another solution - EVEN BETTER! but, I do not want this to drag out for months. She will fail 11th grade if that happens! yikes!


    Thanks everyone! I am really happy to be able to post this today.

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    There are different types of sleep studies, and I hope someone here comes along and does tell you which one is the best for difficult child's. There is something about they have to be kept awake for hours and hours before they go for the study to be effective and see patterns in the difficult child brain.

    Maybe it was archived? It's important too - I do remember that from reading the post because we were going to have this done to difficult child and someone posted which one to ask for specifically.

    I wondered if she doesn't have Mono?

    And as far as the little boy she's still writing to? Ahhh I would have her father pay a visit or contact the person in charge of the group home. I wonder if this boy knows your daughter is just 16.
    Or better yet. Tell him he can write her at YOUR address but let them both know that the letters will be screened by you and her father. Yeah...that's it!!! You aren't telling her NO you are telling her yes, with conditions.

    (maybe i was a difficult child in a former life)

  9. flutterbee

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    Star, are you referring to the EEG after being up for 24 hours? I think that's to rule in our out temporal lobe epilepsy.

    Wend - I think it's a great start. I'm sure they'll check her thyroid (a big contributor to depression and should always be checked before starting AD's anyway) as well as other things like iron, mono, etc. Maybe if you can rule out all other possible physical ailments, she'll be more inclined to try the AD's. That's always my hope with my daughter.
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I think that was it. (brain day not good)

    And how about testing for heavy metals? I have asked for this numerous times via hair sample on difficult child but I always get the deer in the headlight look.

    Good luck!
  11. flutterbee

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    Good point, Star (by the way, I think it's called a sleep-deprived EEG..couldn't think of that earlier...lots of bad brain days here :wink: ).

    Wend, did you read the post on the Natural Board (can't think of the name of the board LOL) started by Loth regarding magnesium deficiency? I'm going to ask for that for myself.

    by the way, I found another article pertaining to magnesium deficiency that outlines the proper way to test for that. I'm going to add it to Loth's thread.
  12. susiestar

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    A sleep study will sho if her body is getting REM sleep, if she has sleep apnea, or any other abnormal sleep pattern that could contribute. My husband FINALLY agreed to talk with his doctor about the snoring (even I could tell he had apnea!) after I had a crying hissy fit. He got in to the hospital here in less than 10 days. And they woke him up after 3 hours to put the CPAP on him - said he was averaging over 40 episodes an hour!!!

    (See, I am not over reacting, HA!)

    It has made a HUGE difference in how he feels, what he is willing and able to do, and every facet of his life.

    I hope it helps. Sounds like she may be willing to accept some help.

  13. busywend

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    Thank you for all the info! I needed that.
  14. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad she admitted it. I remember easy child denying it for so long. Finally I got her to take an on-line depression screener for teens. She then agreed to go see her pediatrics doctor who is nothing short of a saint. He convinced her of the need for the medications.