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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by amazeofgrace, Oct 22, 2008.

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    well we had difficult child I 's IEP meeting today. He's had nothing but an attitude since returning to school after his stay at the shelter. So it would seem I am the only one who left court thoroughly shaken!

    The CST reccomends he be placed in the resource class, which is not a BD class, but yet, if the kids have to go to the bathroom or nurse they have an escort, sounds like a BD class to me, not that I care either way at this point when it comes to difficult child I. A HS diploma is the goal, even if it means a resource class!

    2morrow we have difficult child II's CMO "team meeting", so we'll see what comes of that, I am sure they're going to pressure me to a. involve my parents in these meetings (which is not even an option) and b. go to family counseling with the boys (which is just one more thing I have to fit in the schedule)

    I am really bummed that I can not buy the Low income condo that I was selected for, why not? Well I would have to have S2BX sign a notorized affidavit statig he's has no interest in claiming the property, now or in the future (because we're not divorced yet). Now there's no way he will sign this, this would be a way he could show he still has power over me, and I'd rather not even ask, because I KNOW his answer!
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    Grace: ASK HIM?!! TELL him that he's going to sign this affidavit or you're going to get a lawyer that will tie up every penny that he earns for ALL OF THE BACK PAY ON CHILD SUPPORT THAT HE OWES YOU from the day you seperated.

    Ok. Sorry. He's a dork and I don't like him. I'm Harriett Hormone, Beth's alter ego who hates men that leave women in a lurch.

    What have you got to lose by making the request? If he says "no", no biggee, you expected it. You might want to tell him that you're going to petition the courts to force him to sign it, because he's incarcerated and leaving you destitute. It's worth a shot! ;)
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    Have you filed for divorce yet? Does that enter in to the decision making process on your eligibility? Or are they just looking at the bottom line...divorce not final, tough tofu.

    I can understand you not wanting to even talk to X. I'm so PO'd at Useless Boy I could spit. See if the condo people can work with you, maybe putting you on a waiting list till the divorce is final, or holding off on paperwork till then. Good luck.