difficult child I *&^*&^%%&



I am taking difficult child I this weekend for a physical

I am so discouraged and bitter about his terrible attitude. He also refuses to take any medications, because I want to put him on an antidepressant.

Maybe JobCorps would be good for him. Learn how to be independant, learn that you CANNOT do whatever you want in the real world. I don't mean to be cold, but he's got your life in chaos and it's not fair. Maybe he needs a touch of the truth.

Just my opinion.

If he is eligible, I say let him go. He will at least be meeting one of those criteria (job) and he will be supervised, to some degree.
If you don't, you can bank on "I'm going to live with dad".


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The house rules sound pretty reasonable. I'd be telling my child to either follow the rules or find another place to reside.

Job Corps may not be the best option in your mind but it is certainly a viable option. It may be time for him to try living where they will make him grow up a little more since he seems to want to make the adult decisions with no adult responsibilities.


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Job Corps or there are programs run by the National Guard that do wonderful things with at risk kids. You might want to look into those.