difficult child II can not handle all the feelings

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    of the whole "boy-girl thing", he is way too eager, I do not encourage it, although his friend who is a girl loves coming places with us, and she is the oldest of 5 kids, and seems to love getting my attention, more then difficult child II's. But i never refer to them as girl friend, boy friend, except maybe on these boards!

    difficult child II walks up to girls twice his age at the pool and seriously tries to pick them up, it's funny, but very scarey all the same. difficult child I who is 17 has just started caring about girls in the past year or so. difficult child II has been interested since he was 7!

    I seriously worry about him as he's getting older, how he will manage all the emotions that come with "dating" and if he will be able to keep his temper in check.

    He blew up tonight after he was looking for an old friend who is a girl's phone #. Cursed out my Dad too, big time, now my Dad is ranting at me, that he's not putting up with this, and difficult child II has burned his bridge and yadda yadda yadda yadda, what can I do?
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    How old is gfgII? My easy child is twelve, looks much older, is way too pretty and has discovered boys (and boys have discovered her). I am also worried. I share your concerns. Even though she isn't a difficult child and I know has done nothing with any of the boys she likes, it scares me to death!
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    Eouw. He's going to have to learn quickly that blowing up won't get him where he wants to go. So sorry about your dad. :(
    But I'm thinking more about when he finally "gets" a girl and blows up when they have a disagreement. The attraction and new-ness of the situation is the fun part. The real relationship is the hard part. But hopefully, it's more of a game at this age.
    I've got my fingers crossed for all of you.
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    difficult child II is 11, his order brother has just discovered girls in the past year or so.

    Today difficult child II insisted on bringing her to the pool with us and somehow I winded up with her 8 y/o sister as weel, they're sweet kids, but have been moved around alot and I do not think they get a lot of attention, because they wanted every ounce of mine, to the point that difficult child II was jealous his "girl" wanted to be with me more then him, LOL
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    Sounds like mania.
    Where are you with the whole medication/Lithium thing?

    And seriously. I am gonna take gpa down.:mad:
    OK. Only in cyberspace.

    So sorry.
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    Have things calmed down with-your dad and difficult child? I hope so.