difficult child II kicked principal in head today



ugh and the week was going so well. No 4th grade day for difficult child II 2morrow. And no more school for the rest of the year, in home instruction. At least the principal now supports a theraputic placement for next year, the poor man, we were both on the verge of crying. God give me strength, we are leaving for emergency evaluation shortly :crying:


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I'm so sorry. :frown: Good luck at the evaluation. Hopefully the theraputic school is a good placement for him. Poor principal. :::hugs::: for you!


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Oh no, I'm so sorry. He came so close to making it to 4th grade day. That really stinks!! Well maybe he knocked some sense into the principle and you just might get what you need out of the school district. Good luck. I hope the day is looking up for you.


Oh, gosh! So sorry.

least the principal now supports a theraputic placement for next year,

How sad it is that it takes something like this to get appropriate support. Nothing like proof up close and personal....

SRL: I've met a couple of them myself. Couldn't help but lol when I read this.


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Oh dear. Good luck. Do let us know how the evaluation. goes.
What did difficult child say about the whole principal thing?


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Gee, maybe y'all would have gotten an even bigger laugh if the principal had died as a result of being kicked in the head.

I'm sorry, I just fail to see the humor in an educator being assaulted.

I do hope that ianiv's gets the help that he needs.



I think it's horrible that it took a personal attack before the principal agrees to what is necessary.

Please update us on the emergency evaluation. I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.



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I am so sorry....My heart goes out to you. May God's plan be revealed to you soon..... Have faith!! Follow your heart as to what your child needs. You are in my thought's and prayers.


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I'm sorry if that offended you, Kathy. I'm a former high school teacher and well understand the seriousness of the situation. A little humor sometimes helps parents at difficult times.


morning, I had wond up taking him yesterday to his counseling appointment 1st vs PEZ, PEZ="terrible" Emergency evaluation at the ER. Still not sure about my decision. Sad thing is difficult child II is not sorry. He still hates principal and wishes he were dead. Now he hates his counselor too and spent the hour slamming in and out of her office. Once again at least she sees I am not nuts.

Today's mission is to call Spcl Ed dept. director and beg them to place him in a day program this summer that is a few towns over. They only except medicaid so without the school sending him I don't think I will be able to swing it. But It is Mon-Fri 9-3, academics and therapy and one way to get difficult child II immediate intensive help. Also a way for me not to lose my job this summer because I have nothing for difficult child II.

To make matters worse d/h's Dad is on death bed at hopsital, and d/h is a wreck.

Counselor made me leave promising that after difficult child II's 1st threat (verbal or physical) this weekend, that I will call Police and have him escorted to PEZ, and she seems to feel he'll be processed faster and hopefully be hopsitilized. I am telling myself I can make the call, but I once I go down this path there's no turning back and I am scared.


I seem to remember the psychiatrist (or you?) took him off Lexapro? It frequently takes several weeks to a few months for the effects of an SSRI to leave the system and for things to settle down. In my son's case, following his manic reaction to Zoloft, he didn't settle down until 6 weeks after his Depakote reached a therapeutic level. Is difficult child 2 having blood draws to monitor where his Depakote level is? If not, you should ask the psychiatrist about it.


Poor principal

I must add, the poor man, he can only be in his early 30's, was so sad and felt he'd failed difficult child II. I mean he is the most upbeat liked prinicipal I have ever met. He's been more then fair with difficult child II. And had even planned on personally picking him up last week if he would not go to school (now I 1/2 wonder how that would've played out) I still can't understand difficult child II's ugly position against him, other then he's the top source of authority at the school. But I am thankful he's fully in my corner and has been all year, it's the school psychologist who has down played difficult child II's behavior (in fairness because she did not see that side of him), but I don't think Principal is very happy with her right now.

thank you for the humor and kind words.


thank you, psychiatric put him on Depakote and left the country for a month. I have on my to do list to take him to general practioner today for a blood drawer and to discuss how I should moniter Depakote levels. My dad mentioned the Lexapro as well. He is off now and I had thought he had even seemed a bit better (until yesterday). Good news is school is paying for a second opinion psychiatric evaluation next Friday. And I am prepared to switch if I like her (arming up for fight with insurance company) She has a good reputation and is here in my town and insists on counseling her own patients in a 45 min session prior to writting a script (sounds like a dream)

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I appreciate the update. Keeping fingers crossed for you today.

by the way, 911 was one of the hardest calls for me to make. It's a horrendous decision - yet in our state, it generally starts the snowball rolling on a psychiatric hospital bed & evaluations; generally it's stopped the downward spiral of chaos.



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Ianav, I know calling 911 on your own child is just an unbelievable task. I have done it myself. But, if it helps your child, you have to do it.

I always felt abused by my difficult child. I would think 'can I allow my difficult child to realize how she abused her own mom when she is 30?' How healthy would that have been? For her to have to live with knowing that she abused me? Knowing that she did that to her own mom.

Sometimes the best action feels like the worst possible action as a mom. Being a mom of a difficult child - is a very, very rough road.