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    Hi All,
    I don't think I ever updated on my difficult child's trip to Seattle. If you remember, her boyfriend went out there by greyhound ahead of her. Then their landlady called and said difficult child and boyfriend had used her credit card, checks, etc. and it turned out not to be true but I was in a panic, believing her, then the police let me know landlady had long history with them and difficult child was not in trouble with them.

    Okay, so difficult child took the greyhound out there and arrived a week ago. It was a 3 day trip (3000 miles) and she started feeling sick a few hours before getting to Seattle. In the next day she developed a bad cough, congestion, fever, vomiting, etc. She and boyfriend were staying at a hostel where you have to leave during the day. I talked to her on Sat. and she sounded awful, I couldn't bear to have her out on the streets being so sick. So, we ended up paying for 5 nights at a cheap motel. The boyfriend was working some day labor jobs but also couldn't work a few days because he was taking care of difficult child--took her to a free clinic, had to take her to pick up wired money from us, etc.

    Well, she is now on the mend and yesterday they went to the Dept. of Social Services and apparently are getting some help. difficult child says she is in a program where they will help her go to college--she really seems to want to go. She also is applying for jobs as a dancer in some clubs. She says she loves Seattle, it is so beautiful and people are really nice. They have some place to stay through dept. of social services.

    I was relieved to hear her sound more herself and to hear that we do not need to send any more money, they are working things out. With difficult child it is better to have some distance and to not know too much about what she is doing. I don't worry so much if I don't have anything specific to worry about. Also, easy child son is taking up my worry time right now so I don't have time or space in my head to be worrying too much over difficult child 1!

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    So very glad to hear that things are working out. Hope she manages to go to school like she wants.
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    Jane, I wish your daughter nothing but the best. This says it all though:

    Take this time to relax, enjoy your easy child son.....and not worry (I know, easier said than done!).

    Good luck!
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    Glad to hear she made it safe and sound. Seattle is very beautiful, socially progessive, and the people there are really nice. And it has been cold and bright and sunny for the past week. This is very unusual for the area.

    Generally it rains and is dark from about mid-September to July. It's pretty hard for even the most well adjusted people to take sometimes. It's hard for me to take (I'm in Northern Oregon) and I was born here and have lived here all of my life. Don't be disappointed if once the weather returns to normal she finds it a little overwhelming.

    Seattle Wa, Average days of measurable rainfall as measured over 43 years, by month

    January 18
    February 16
    March 17
    April 14
    May 11
    June 9
    July 5
    August 6
    September 8
    October 11
    November 18
    December 18

    Annually 150 days with measurable rainfall.

    This does not include the days where it was just dark and misty or dark and foggy, but not enough rain to measure. There are literally weeks where you need to have lights on 24/7 in order to see, and you don't ever see the sky. One year we went 43 days without the sky clearing. If husband and I didn't get off to Mexico every year in February/March, I don't know if I could tolerate it any longer.

    I think this may be one of the hardest things for her to get used to.
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    HI Witz,
    well, it will be interesting to see how she does--upstate NY tends to be cloudy and dreary a lot of the time but Seattle sounds worse! And she does love sun and warmth, she may even have a mild case of SAD. But, the good thing is, she can move if she doesn't like it and she has relatives on her dad's side out west in Colorado and New Mexico, maybe she'll end up in one of those states. Or, she may get homesick and end up back here--just hope she waits til she is 21--we are financially responsible for kids in this state til they are 21 and that makes me nervous!
    Thanks for the heads up on the weather,
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    It started raining today. You'll soon know how well she'll tolerate it. The forecast for Seattle for the next ten days is for rain.

    Colorado is cold, but it's clear and sunny more often than here. Fingers crossed that she gets fed up with the weather and her good for nothing boyfriend!