difficult child is getting a moped


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My difficult child has been walking everywhere for 3 months now and knows he will never save up for a car. He did however save up half the amount of money for a moped that my husband said he would help him buy for his birthday next month, so they are going to get it today.

It will be good transportation for him to work and back since we haven't had any snow this winter, but I can see it now, he's going to try driving it here to see wingnut! It would probably be about a 40 minute ride, so that would be interesting :smile:Maybe he'll put a baby seat on the back :rofl:


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It's good that he is learning some financial discipline and was able to save some $, Karen. That's a very good thing! I hope he is careful on the moped!



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Well it is good that he is saving and that he is working so there is a positive. As far as visiting wingnut that would be a long cold trip this time of year. -RM

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Have you seen the movie with Jim Carey, Dumb and Dumber? they ride a moped in Colorado and they end up with icicles hanging off their eyebrows.. Thats the image I got when you mentioned him driving it to see wingnut.



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It's great he has saved money! My difficult child would just talk and talk about the "racing" motorcycle he was going to buy (I think he said most of it to unnerve me) He has yet to save a dime that I am aware of!
So your difficult child must be doing pretty well, maybe that new sponser is wearing off on him :smile: