difficult child is getting himself to school every day ... one problem solved, another crops up

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    For years, we have had issues with-difficult child waking up on time, as well as getting out of the house and getting to school on time. Especially at the beginning of the year and the end of the year, he has had issues. Some is emotional and some is physical. But even when he's been sick, he has dragged himself out of bed. (by the way, when he is home sick, he is not normally allowed to play video games.)

    Finally, this year, (probably because of his girlfriend and not because we've warned him he'll have to repeat 8th gr), he has been up-and-at'em every day.
    Including two days this week when I overslept! (I don't know what's going on ... I have a Sonic alarm. I guess I'm forgetting to turn on the sound and leaving it on vibrate.)

    So, he's had a very bad cold, and I picked him up from school one day, but he wasn't in the nurse's office. He said that his teacher wouldn't let him go to the nurse's office. Huh? The front desk receptionist said that's not supposed to work that way. He's supposed to tell the teacher he's sick and go to the nurse's office. Plus, he can take medications and the nurse will call me to make sure it's okay.

    Well, here's an email I sent a little while ago that will show you how that's been working out:

    Subject: Can someone please get difficult child a pass to the nurse's office today? (Sent to the counselor, two teachers and the asst principal)
    Dear Faculty:

    I am sorry to have to write a mass email like this for such a relatively insignificant matter, but this is the third time that my son, difficult child, has needed to go to the nurse's office for medications and was (supposedly) not allowed to go.

    He is recovering from a bad cold and needs something for a headache. I dropped off acetaminophen and ibuprofen at the beginning of the year with all of the proper paperwork, and he should be able to get a hall pass to go to the nurse's office and then return to his classroom.

    Earlier this week, I drove to school to pick him up and take him home, and the front desk receptionist wondered why he wasn't in the nurse's office. I explained that he was told he was not allowed to go, and she called over another staff member and said, "Here's another one."

    So this appears to be a system failure. I am not sure what is going on, but I do know that 1) the system isn't working, and 2) difficult child has a 504 for his Asperger's and takes things very literally, so if a teacher told him just once that he is not allowed to go to the nurse's office, perhaps because there was a fire drill or because something else important was happening, he will forever think that he is not allowed to go.

    I should not have to drive to school every time he needs medicine.

    By the way, he called me on his cell phone and when I told him to put the teacher on the phone, he said he couldn't because he would get his cell phone taken away. I totally agree with the no cell phone policy but in cases like this, it just adds to the frustration.



    Good morning Mrs. J,
    I met with difficult child moments ago and he said he didn’t need to take any medication at this time and that his headache subsided. I reminded him whenever he has a headache or need to see the nurse, he has permission to do so. You are right, he is a literal young man and believed that he was only to see the nurse only for emergencies. I hope I cleared up the information for him. Let me know if you have any more concerns.
    Take Care,
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    Hope it really does change. Interesting how it was subtly put all on him, lol.... Nice that you gave them that out!
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    If it was just difficult child, then why did the office staff make that comment. It doesn't sound like difficult child's problem at all, it is the teacher's. Sounds like whoever T is, didn't really deal with the WHOLE situation. UGH
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    I know.
    That's why I cc'd the group.