difficult child is in labor

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    Hi Everyone,
    difficult child called me last night around 5pm my time to tell me she was at the hospital and in labor. They were having her walk to try to get things going. I sort of wondered if it might be false labor but sounds like she was admitted so I guess it was the real deal. But, I haven't heard anything since then. She was only 1 1/2 cm dilated and having contractions every 2 minutes. She already was complaining about the pain--I thought, oh, brother, you have no idea! She had a contraction while on the phone with me and was trying to breathe through it. Anyway, looks like I could be a grandma today--will update you when I hear. I don't really want to call her because I don't know what I might be interrupting and also I don't want to talk to the boyfriend if he answers.

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    Jane, I will keep your daughter in my thoughts today for a calm birth. I hope you hear something soon - God bless.
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    Saying prayers and keeping fingers crossed that all goes well.

    You never know about these things....Lincoln changed my Sweet Betys' life in so many positive ways...here's hoping for the best.


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    Is she due yet? It could be Braxton Hicks. I was at 3 cm with both of my kids for weeks, with lots of BH. They admitted me for that twice with M, but when the morning came and he hadn't come out and I hadn't dialated any further, they would send me home as other women were scheduled to have babies that day and they didn't want me to burden their load. One time, they had 15 babies scheduled for the morning, and they told me if I hadn't dialated any more by 8 AM they were sending me home. And they did. They finally had to induce, but at that time I was one of the "scheduled" births.
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    she didn't progress during the night so they sent her "home"--which she says is a transitional living place the social worker at the hospital arranged for her. She says they think she will deliver in the next 3 days. Witz, I don't think they were Braxton-Hicks since they were so painful but I know I had contractions with difficult child that I thought were the real deal but they weren't.

    So, her story is that things got "weird" with C (my easy child son) and she didn't want to be in the middle of his and boyfriend's stuff so she is on her own now. I don't really believe that--I expect she is still with boyfriend but I let it go. I did tell her that C had every right to be disgusted with boyfriend after what he pulled and that boyfriend is a bum. But, I told her I didn't want to get in the middle of her and C, that I love both of them and have a separate relationship with each of them.

    I encouraged her in her supposed separation from boyfriend. She said she just wants to focus on the baby, that she loves him and wants to do what is best for him. I told her I was glad she felt that way and that it was important to put the baby's needs above everyone else's, blah, blah, blah. I don't know that it will do any good but I figure it is best to encourage any positive, healthy things she is saying even if they probably are not true.

    Maybe the baby will be born on Halloween--that would be fitting! I'll keep you updated...

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    Congrats in advance, STB grandma :)

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    With my easy child I was admitted 4 times for preterm labor. Each time OB was positive it was THE time. Nope. Each time I got sent home for not dialating. They weren't BH contractions.....I was assured by both doctor and nurses. They even gave me the shot to mature her lungs. She was born 3 weeks early when my water broke. Oh......and we discovered why I'd stopped dialating.......her head had rested on a nerve and stopped the cervix from dialating. (not fun believe me). Once her position shifted....wham! it was time to go. lol

    Praying she has a safe and smooth delivery. Praying also that perhaps impending motherhood has come to shed new light on boyfriend and she really has ended it.

    Keep us updated.