difficult child just does not get it...

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    For the past 2 weeks, difficult child 1 has tried many times a day to call a certain friend of his. This friend NEVER answers his cell phone when difficult child 1 calls. This friend NEVER returns difficult child 1's calls when he leaves a message. This friend has agreed to plans with difficult child 1 (when he manages to see him in person) only to not follow through for one reason or another. When difficult child 1 mentioned he was going to call the friend today, I tried to tell him that usually these things add up to "I don't want to be friends with you anymore". difficult child 1 decided not to call the friend but go to his house instead to see if he could do anything. UGH
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    I had a kid who lived down from our complex. Q kept going to their house and they often had excuses etc. Finally I too said to Q, well honey sometimes people to be nice will say, not today...maybe some other day over and over ... but this has been many days now, so they are trying not to hurt your feelings. It can mean they do not want to do something with you so it would be good to wait till they come and ask you this time.. So, the next day...

    Q goes there and says to the lady.... "my mom says you you are just SAYING you will do something with me later... and you dont want to be friends with me and just SAY you will see me later but you dont really want to"

    She told him that his mom was wrong and is not very nice to say that etc... OF course Q then told me I was wrong and "in your face mom" etc... I obviously was just trying to teach a social skill but said it in a nice way. I never would have thought he would do that. I was so embarrassed. they have moved so I just avoided them until then. uggg.