difficult child logic


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Well, "J" doesn't seem to care about his life. Last week he was arrested and spent one night in jail. There was a warrant out for his arrest, because he was late submitting his community service hours and late sending his monthly fine to Target. They figured that everything crossed in the mail. You'd think that he'd want to BE SURE he gets everything sent in on time right? NOPE! His fine to Target is due by Saturday ($25/month). We have been letting him earn some money on the weekends by doing yard work, and then holding on to the money for him. Well, last week he insisted on having all his money, so now of course, he has none. We told him last week that we would NOT pay his fine and he better figure out how to get the money to pay it. Well, here's how the week is playing out....

Monday: "It was too hot to go to the temporary agency, and am I supposed to carry all my belongings with me? If I hide them where I was sleeeping they'll get stolen. By the way, can I have some money for food?"

Tuesday: "It rained all day long and if I would have gone anywhere I would have gotten wet and all my stuff would be wet, so I went to the library all day to get addresses for the temp agencies. It took all day to find the addresses on the internet. By the way, my sleeping bag has holes in it, I need you to buy me a new one and can you bring me some food?"

Wednesday: "I couldn't go anywhere cuz it was still raining and my shoes and socks got wet, so I stayed in the library all day. Besides, to work at the temp agency, I'd have to be there at 6:00 am which means I'd have to catch the bus at 5 and I was tired. It's hard to sleep on the streets and always be on the lookout for the police. Maybe I can sleep in your backyard so I won't get wet? Oh by the way, can I have some food from your house? I haven't eaten today and I didn't get to the soup kitchen because it was raining."

I can't wait to hear today's excuse!


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A big hug from someone who lives this everyday---except he is still sleeping in my house. Sounds just like mine. He always needs money for something. My answer: get a job. I just say NO---something he should have learned long ago.