difficult child moved out of the shelter.

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    He says he got a room to rent but I have the sinking feeling he has moved into his girlfriend's mother's house.

    He came over here to get some tools last night. Suposedly he is working on construction jobs with his friend from AA who owns a business. But at 9:30 last night difficult child still hadn't heard about the job that was supposed to start today.

    When he came over I told him that I thought he was putting himself in front of the gun again by moving out of the shelter and he said "maybe I am but I'm also babysitting when I'm not working for T" (the AA friend).

    Yikes! I cringe that he is babysitting because he hasn't a clue how to care for a baby. He had called me the other day while doing this and I could hear the baby in the background. I know the kid is under two cause he doesn't speak at all. difficult child was telling him to get down from climbing on the couch. I told difficult child that a child that young was too little to follow directions and that difficult child had to gently take him down and redirect him. I had to swallow my fear and breathe deeply for a few minutes after that phone call. difficult child likes kids but he is not good if they are fussy or acting wild. difficult child got into this situation of babysitting once before and the child was fussy and crying alot. difficult child was at his wits end and brought the kid over to my house. I didn't watch the child for difficult child . I just monitered the situation and made suggestions but I am not willing to do that anymore. difficult child continues to make the same poor choices over and over and over again instead of working any program that will help him toward independance .

    difficult child also told his caseworker that he was working and now he cannot get his assistance or medical insurance. I can't believe difficult child was that stupid. He only worked two days so far and it was paid under the table. in my humble opinion friend was just trying to help difficult child out and give him some cash to pay his back rent and get into the group home. I doubt he is happy with what difficult child did with the money he earned. I also wonder what effect it will have on his decision to give difficult child any future jobs. difficult child thinks he is going to be hired full time but the guy has not even asked for his social. I hope it does pan and that difficult child makes a good life for himself but I admit I am a bit worried at this point. -RM
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    Does his "new fiance" have a baby by any chance? That might tell the tale. Any Mom who could leave her baby with just anyone...well...it reminds me of GFGmom. So sad. DDD
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    This is so disappointing. I'm sorry.
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    Well I had hoped this was going to be a good thread.

    Good question about fiance and baby.

    Isnt it odd though how some of these difficult child's seem to attract others? I can go over to Corys sometimes and there will be 3 or 4 little kids...babies even, that his "friends" have just dropped off for him to take care of for a few days. Now I know that they are probably better off with him than they are with their own parents but it just astounds me how someone can just drop a kid off and never look back. He actually keeps diapers in various sizes because this happens so often!
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    DDD, I do not tthink this is difficult child's son. I'm not saying it couldn't be, but I think I would have heard about it before now. He said it is the neighbor's kid. I believe him... at the moment anyway.

    Witz, yes it is very disappointing. Sigh...

    Janet, seeing the types of people my difficult child gravitates toward I can understand what you are saying. They are the same type of parent whose kids I took care of when I was a foster parent...Selfish, irresponsibe, entitlement issues, etc...

    I'm so tired of it all. -RM