difficult child moves out - and the dogs take over

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Chester has been having anxiety since difficult child left. First barking non-stop, then itching himself bloody. Yesterday I took him to have him shaved to see if that would help, nope, made it worse. All of his skin was pink from itching it so much. So I called the vet, he prescribes a little doggy valium. Great, so then I had a dog that appeared drunk, stumbling around, but still itching his tail off.:faint:

    Today I actually go to the vet with the dog, where they give him a shot of steriods, antibiotics, and find out he has a heart murmur that has developed. (I am trying not to think about that part of it, cuz it means he is getting old and I will lose him soon.) So I come home $200.00 later with a boatload of medications, and Chester is finally calming down, but now Steele, one of the other dogs won't leave him alone. It is like he knows something is really wrong with Chester, and follows him everywhere, licking him non-stop. Chester can't even find a spot to rest.

    Steele is whining because Chester won't let him lick him, and Chester is whining because he is so itchy and Steele is bothering him, and now I am ready to give them both the valium! Except seriously - there is nothing worse than watching my little pooch stumbling around, falling down, high off his tail......No thanks.

    My life could be a comedy, if I was not living it.
    Oh yea, and there was a rat in my garage today! AKKKKKKKKK.
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    I am sorry that Chester is miserable and sick, and that Steele is pestering him.

    Maybe YOU need the valium? Just Kidding, never take medications rxed for your doggie (unles your veterinarian tells you too, wait, I mean your doctor tells you to!) Though the medications are the same for the dogs as for people (valium is valium I mean). I know our vet is peeved because my folks quit getting prednisone from her for the cat when they realized this. He is 18 and needs it once in a while. But she charges $5 per pill for the prednisone. My mom also takes it for arthritis (same as the cat) and she pays less than $2 for a couple hundred of them. So they just give the cat my mom's prednisone. Heck, they are on the same strength even.

    But anyway, I hate that your puppies are so unhappy. And that you are.

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    Poor Chester. Went thru the same thing when easy child moved out. Molly was beside herself. She didn't know what to do with the loss of one of her pack. I'm not looking forward to her reaction when Nichole and Aubrey finally move out. It's not gonna be pretty. :(

    Sending ((hugs)) Hopefully it won't take Chester too long to adjust to the change.
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    It sounds like the dogs might be able to get used to all that extra attention from you!! I'm sorry Chester is going through all this- would Steele get sidetracked for a while with a new bone or toy?

    {{HUGS}} (to all 3 of you!)
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    Are you aware you can give your pooch benadryl, too? Talk to your vet first, but max is 3mg/pound and it has worked really well for me.

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    You know, Bubba could have given a rat's patootie when M left. He had been too mean to him. He was worried about me because I was such a basket case.

    I'm sorry that Chester is having such a hard time. Have you picked up some cheap generic benadryl? It helps Bubba a lot.
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    If Chester's skin is that bad.........and if you feel up to doing this and can keep the other dog from licking it off.....you may want to try Aloe gel for him. He may need one of those collars to keep him from licking it off himself but that may make him feel better. Even if it's only for a couple of hours a day so you can make sure neither one is feasting on it but that may help sooth and heal the hot spots.

    difficult child used to pick at his earlobes pretty bad and that healed it up fairly quick.