difficult child showing his true colors at the group

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    Well last night husband had to take difficult child to the dr for a tb test and a physcial as the group home requested this from our dr. So while husband was talking to difficult child he started complaining that the place is disgusting and he hates it there. He said he has no towel, shampoo or comb. So husband called me and I called the group home and the man I spoke with didnt understand why difficult child was saying that!! I called husband back and told him that they have everything there for him.(just as I knew).

    So husband comes home after dropping difficult child off at the group home and says that he is going into high school...urrrrr this made us both mad. When difficult child came to live with us he could hardly read and didnt know his times table. So when we started homeschooling him they gave us the option to hold him back 1 year, so we kept him in the 8th grade. We don't understand how he was promoted with 67 absences from his other school when he lived with biomom. here we are just trying to get him an education and all he can worry about is being where he wants to be. How could he possibly go into the 9th grade when there is only 2 and 1/2 months left of school and has never stepped foot into the 9th grade.

    So difficult child tried to get the group home on board with him so he could go to high school. When that didnt work this morning he was refusing to go to school and refusing to go to 8th grade, that he belongs in 9th grade. I explained to the group home manager what we did and she says she cant have a child in the home refusing to go to school, and would have to schedule an emergency meeting.

    So difficult child has now lost all his privledges at the group home. They did convince him to go to school so he went late of course!! I told the manager now you are seeing just a small taste of what we go through!

    Lets see what he does in school!! If he throws a fit there as well.
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    I'm sorry he's being so difficult right now. Sometimes, though, they stand the best chance of getting the right kind of help when those colors DO show for people who need to see them, Know what I mean??

    Hope he settles down and is able to get through the day.