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    This is one area difficult child always does his best at. His state tests always come back with such outstanding scores. Off the scale. He also knows that if he does well on these he doesn't go to summer school. (I asked last year. They told me no, summer school is for remedial kids).
    Well, you all know difficult child struggles in school. Just doesn't do his work. I do not know why he hates school so much. Why he refuses to do anything. It saddens me so much to know he is so very smart, yet barely gets by.
    The state test is a week long. He is very stressed that week because he works really hard. So..ONLY this would happen to difficult child.
    They LOST his state test. Can you believe it. This was the year (8th grade) where it is a big test. A big portion was writing. This is the first year he used accomadations for the test. He got to use the computer for his writing portion. THAT is the portion of the test they lost. So, after much discussion, and much confusion we talked to difficult child. Guess what he did. What he is NOT suppose to do. He SAVED it on the school computer! :smile: OMG. He was not to do that, but thank god he did it. It would of been a disaster if he had to retake it.
    But, I am about to wake him, and I am so stressed. I have never known anyone who hates school as much as he does. I just don't get why he just doesn't do his work. He can. He did, first semester last year he made high honors. He says "because he wanted to show everyone he isn't stupid". Since then he just does not do it. Anyone have any suggestions. This is such a terrible, horrible fight day after day. He loves the kids, loves to socialize..too much. But work, not to have any of it.
    My heart is pounding with the thought of the school week. It just isn't suppose to be this hard. These fights have caused so much difficulty in our marriage. I see my psychiatrist today, just feeling so lost, and alone in this battle.
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    first off, hugs to you regarding your stress level. School is probably the biggest area of stress for the difficult child parent. If I thought difficult child wouldn't benefit from the social leasons to be learned in a school enviornment, I would home school him in a hot minute :thumbsup:

    Take a deep breath and get ready to face the next three weeks or so until winter break - it's what I'm working towards even after the lovely relaxing Thanksgiving break I just had! Remind difficult child that he only has a few weeks until a nice long break.

    I hate to say it, but kudos to difficult child for saving his work on the computer. I would have to guess that he probably saved it on "auto pilot" since we are all conditioned to save our work before doing anything with it! I can tell you that my difficult child would not be a happy camper (and that is putting it mildly :hammer:) if he had to do the writing piece again!

    When he was in 4th grade, he had oral testing (on his state assessments) which is state mandated to be recorded. They discovered that the recorder was broken after he finished the math test. Even though he took the test and they had his booklet, he had to retake it under state law! His 1:1 said he actually did better the second time around! I thought difficult child would baulk at having to do it again but he didn't - probably saw it as a way to get out of half a day of school!!!!!!!!

    Hope difficult child doesn't give you too much trouble over school this week. Perhaps he'll be good since the holidays are coming...one can always hope :hypnosis: