difficult child Still In Rehab


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Hello everyone. Super busy week, haven't been on-line much. Wanted to drop a quick note to share that our difficult child is still in rehab. Yay! Honestly, we're pleasantly surprised. 1 week in and we've heard from him twice. Both times, a good calm chat. Not accustomed to that with him, so very thankful for this timeframe. He's got a short-term case manager getting him set up with other treatment and services after his release. That's a very good thing.

difficult child is trying to set up a living arrangement of clean and sober living with his girlfriend. However, they won't have a place available for 60 days after his release. He hasn't asked yet, but I know him pretty well and think there's a pretty good chance he'll ask us..........which usually includes trying to butter us up for a while beforehand.


We love him, we root for him, we will do many things for him.

But we will not and cannot live with him again.

Tried it too many times and know it doesn't work. He's a grown man now, he'll figure something out. He can consult his case manager about that, too.

So, all's well here. Today is GOOD, so we celebrate it. And that's all it needs to be! :D


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Today is GOOD, so we celebrate it. And that's all it needs to be!

Yes, today is good HLM, right here in the present moment. Good for you, you have a wonderful, positive, grateful attitude which I appreciate. I too attempt to make gratitude a priority, we have a lot to be thankful for.

About a week ago, Cedar posted a thread on Love.......she quoted a line from a song by Leonard Cohen which I so liked and I watched it a number of times on Youtube.

It's Hallelujah, and at the end he sings,

And even though it all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

I keep on thinking about that verse.

Hallelujah. Just to be alive and experience all of it.........


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Recoveringenabler -- Thanks for your message! I hear and sense your optimism, too! (plus, hey, I read it in your description of yourself.......and I LOVE that!)

by the way, I am a huge fan of Cohen's Hallelujah! Certain songs have significance to certain periods of my life and this one is connected with a family struggle, not related to difficult child. But I adore it. Also heard a rendition by the Canadian Tenors which floored me.

Thanks for sharing your heart! Now I'm gonna have to dig through for Scent of Cedar's post! :)

As you quoted on bottom, everything IS a miracle. I need, want and appreciate reminders like this -- daily. I like to s-l-o-w down (hard to do in today's rush-rush-rush world) and listen and feel.

Recoveringenabler -- I'm gonna savor reflecting on Hallelujah tonight. Thanks, again and have a beautiful day/night! (whichever it is right now in your timezone!)