difficult child Tested for His Orange Belt and GOT IT!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by On_Call, Jun 13, 2007.

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    difficult child has had so many ups and downs in the past six months. He missed one karate test night due to a meltdown and was admitted to psychiatric hospital in late April on the very day of another test night, so when he was to test last night, we were all on pins and needles.

    During the warm up we could see his anxiety level rising with every passing moment. A very kind-hearted brown belt took him aside and gave him a pep talk - then went over the moves and self-defense with him that he'd be tested on.

    When the test finally began, it was like someone flipped a switch - difficult child went into karate mode - and did GREAT!! :biggrin: Usually, the kids have to wait a week or more to get their results, but because of a busy schedule the black belt panel has in the next few weeks, they scored them last night - and congratulated those receiving the next belt (orange) - and difficult child was among them.

    We were so excited. Karate is one of the few constant bright spots in difficult child's life and to get a bit of a boost with the new color belt was just what he needed.

    One of those very happy moments!! Had to share with my cyber family! :smile:
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    Auntie Bad Kitty is very proud of him too. What a wonderful activity for him to be in. Congratulations!
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    <span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Thanks for sharing the good news....orange belt sounds great, kudos to difficult child for pulling it together and concentrating to pass!!</span>

    :bravo: :smile: :wink: :flower: :dance:
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    How very thoughtful of the brown belt for taking difficult child aside and helping him.

    :bravo: Way to go difficult child! :bravo:

    I'm sure you're one proud Mom. This board auntie sure is proud of him for pulling it together and getting the job done. Great accomplishment. :thumbsup:
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    Awesome news for difficult child! :thumbsup:Karate can be so great for kids! I know what you mean about going into karate mode! easy child used to do that too-like a flick of a switch.
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    :bravo: Way To Go difficult child! :bravo: That's awesome!!!

    Always nice to hear good news like this! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks everyone. difficult child works really hard at karate - and loves it, so this was a really nice accomplishment - and one he's earned all by himself, so it goes a long way toward uplifting his self esteem! We are really proud he has stuck with it. It was tough going sometimes because several peers he started out with have been orange belts since he missed the first testing date.

    Thanks for the great posts! I will share them with difficult child in the morning! :smile:
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    :bravo: difficult child :bravo:

    Cause for celebration - so when is the party, Jamie? :smile:
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    Woohoo difficult child!!!!! :bravo:
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    SUPER!!! :bravo: :princess:
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    Congrats to your difficult child on working hard and achieving his next level :bravo: :thumbsup: That's one thing I like about karate, that how they progress is totally dependent on themselves, and when they do well they know that and can feel really good about themselves.

    My kids are both in karate. difficult child went for his brown belt about 6 mos. ago, and didn't pass the first time. He'd never not passed first try before and really got down on himself. Skipped the last testing because he didn't feel he was ready and was a lot of urging from me for him to put his name down to test this time. And wouldn't you know it, he was sick and couldn't go. :hammer: There's always next time.
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    Yes, it sure was cause for celebration - but with difficult child, it will have to wait - sometimes celebrating is too much for him to handle right that minute. We offered to go for ice cream after testing, but he suggested we wait til he gets the actual new belt, so we figured he wasn't quite ready to celebrate it and that was his way of expressing it, so . . . . we just congratulated him - and will take pics and have ice cream when he gets to wear the new belt.

    Thanks again - he is still pretty excited about it!! Have to admit - so are WE!!! :smile:
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    Looks like a night to celebrate. Congrats!