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    difficult child has never been tested. And certainly psychiatrists or tdocs have never ever talked to me alone. Nobody has ever requested his records from school and the testing from school.

    What are they going to ask? Anything I need to specifically ask?
    Should I be taking notes? Should I happen to mention our not so happy house that fights constantly or should I leave that up to difficult child?

    Any therapist or therapy we have ever done difficult child refuses to talk. He has done this forever. This is different. he wants help. He doesn't want to feel this way. I also think he is looking for some miracle drug that he can take and instantly his homework gets done.

    I waited so long to get into anyone, I want to be sure i am ready. It was short notice. Called on Wednesday appointment on Friday morning.

    I have a million thoughts running through my head about difficult child. What are the important things. Details or not?
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    I would go equipped with ANY tests the school has done. Maybe your sons teachers could write up a letter on how his schooling is going and the behaviours experienced in school.I would also take afew notes, jot down questions now so you don't forget to ask them in the meeting. In my experience they will want to speak with you and your son and then also sepretley. When it is your turn to speak hold nothing back. Of course tell them how your home life is suffering. They need to know everything in order to help you.

    Don't force your son to talk. Give him the opprotunity if he takes it great! if not don't worry so much. My son still won't open up to alot of the ppl we see.

    I hope I helped some. I know you will get alot more help from moms more experienced than myself.

    Good Luck.
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    If you have the time a Parent Report is a great way to give a complete history from your prospective, I forget the link but maybe someone else will post it.
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    what kind of testing are you having done I was wondering? The parent report is a great tool i've heard, i don't have one, just my notes.

    if you don't have time though a birth to now thing is good. milestones, delays in speech i'd record that kind of stuff. anything out of the norm developmentally is what they are interested in from the early childhood years i find.

    than any other reports as everyone else said, and any documentation regarding him at all i'd bring.

    its' odd yet i have a weird thought process with this. i went into my last doctor with nothing and let him draw him own conclusions from waht he saw when he evaluated my difficult child.

    yet it's your first time. that's the stuff i'd bring. if he or she is good they will request certain docs be filled out by his teacher/ staff handling him thru the day, etc. and the report or verbal won't be given until those are submitted as well.

    good luck!! I hope it goes well.