difficult child tried to pull a fast one tonight!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Feb 7, 2011.

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    difficult child went to a birthday party tonight. Out to supper with the birthday boy's family and atleast one other friend. I called him at 8:00 to see if he was coming home soon and he said they were heading out just then. Then he states, "I need $5." When I asked what for, he answered, "For school". O.k., that isn't unheard of but the giggles of the boys as he asked got me suspicious. I told him we would talk when he got home because I was sure he didn't need it right this moment.

    My instincts were that this was not for school so I conjured up a plan which I think will have him avoiding telling me lies to get money by saying it is for school. I will write him a check regardless of the small amount. A check written out to the school so only the school will ever get the funds. I thought it was brilliant!

    About half an hour later, difficult child walks in the door and announces that he does not need the money for school. That he and birthday boy had made a bet about something. He won't know until tomorrow if he won or not but was looking for $5 to cover his bet in case he lost.

    I talked to him about lying to me in front of the boys. He says, Oh, they know I was teasing. I told them that I will probably be bringing in change that I find around the house (and his piggy bank). I told him that I do not have any money to give him toward this. He is currently raiding his piggy bank! :)

    The bet has to do with the level of a card. The card was at birthday boy's home so birthday boy will bring it to school. difficult child states one level and birthday boy is saying another lever. difficult child says he is praying that they are both wrong so that no one will win or loose. rofl!
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    Oh wow - you must have been relived to hear this was the result of the panic!

    Too cute!
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    Your post really put a smile on my face this morning. I wrote a check thirty years ago for difficult child and she, too, decided that she was mistaken and didn't owe any money. I just let it go and said "we all make mistakes on occasion but think a little more to avoid the same situation". LOL Believe it or not she never tried it again. That was one of my few brilliant parenting moments. Glad it got resolved at your house too. Great minds think alike..or so they say. Smiles. DDD
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    that's cute.
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    Great thinking on the check idea! I love that he wants neither of them to be right.