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    difficult child had appointment with therapist and psychiatrist today. We're going to raise the depkaote back, then add the AD back and try this again, now that difficult child is off the albuterol and allergies have calmed. psychiatrist said he understood why I stopped pursuing this plan while difficult child was on the albuterol. difficult child sees therapist again on Fri, then next Tues., I think. We'll probably touch base on the phone tomorrow.

    I rec'd a fed ex pack of papers from NIH regarding the study. I need to look over those soon because we are supposed to have a very long phone interview Wed afternoon. I have my first appointment with a therapist for myself tomorrow- thank goodness!

    The parent advocate called back with another idea. This is to get a waiver for difficult child to get on medicaid. She said the state has several but there is only one without a long waiting list that he might qualify for. She said if he got this, they can fund more than just medical expenses. I was in a rush to get difficult child to appts but she gave me the website to check it out. The down side would be trying to get difficult child's therapist to accept medicaid (we really don't want to give him up and I don't know that I'm quite ready to give psychiatrist up yet either.) Does anyone know- when a dr won't accept medicaid, is it because they would be accepting less money? Would it be legal for them to let me pay any cost difference out of pocket? This advocate seemed to think that some doctors might make an exception for a patient. Anyway, I'll check on that.

    Then, the principal emailed and asked a good time to call. I emailed back and included enough info to get her to see there is a sense of urgency. For whatever reason, she called and left a message while we were gone to appts, even though I told her I'd be out then. She did say to call her whenever "we" had a chance, so maybe she just meant she wants me to call her- which is a pain because she can hardly ever take a call like that. Anyway, I hope she has some ideas.

    Then, I got to open some more cards that came in the mail! :) So, far, those cards are our decorations and holiday spirit and the only thing in this house to look at that brings joy to me right now - except of course, I still love difficult child and the furbabies! Thank you all!!
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    A lot on your plate right now. Sorry things are so chaotic.

    Medicaid does pay less to the doctors. Especially if it's straight Medicaid without an HMO. As a patient Medicaid is more beneficial, hospital stays are longer and no co-pays!! A few years ago I dropped my daughter's private insurance and got her on Medicaid just so her hospital stays were longer. The private insurance would only cover, if lucky, maybe 7-10 days. The medicaid covered a 8 week stay!! It's so ridiculous, private insurance costs an arm and a leg yet they don't cover much. So frustrating.

    Sorry, I know I am a bit off subject. I hope you get some more cards. Hang in there, everything will work out for the best. :)
  3. Well I hope the appts go well for you. It is so chaotic this time of year anyway ;)
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    Thanks, Bran! Actually that was very useful info...thank you, too, BD!

    difficult child is in the shower now. He and the other boy have not contacted each other today. I can't help but wonder if that gets started up when difficult child goes to school and sees him-
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    Sounds like you're making progress, and I hope all of your efforts pay off. (Literally and figuratively.)
    Yes, Medicaid is much lower in reg. to reimbursing doctors. I'll ask husband about whether you can reimburse them out-of-pocket.
    I know that doctors who accept Medicaid pts have to cross every T and dot every I so they don't get into trouble with-the Fed gov't, so the paperwork headache may be another reason doctors don't like it.
    I'm so glad the cards are cheering you up.
    I've got my fingers crossed for you. I hope tomorrow is calmer. It must be hard waiting for the other shoe to drop all the time.
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    Thanks, Terry! Of course, I'm still worried about the cutting. I know it has happened more than once and the first time, it was barely scratching. Now, they are still scratches but more and a little deeper. psychiatrist says we'll keep an eye on it, because difficult child was in the room and had just said he doesn't want to kill himself (he said this right after he nearly caught himself on fire almost 3 years ago too) and that he only tried it because his friends are doing it and he won't do it anymore.
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    Smallworld, or anyone- about how long should I leave the increase in depakote er before I start the AD? psychiatrist left it up to me- he was going to start them both at once but when I asked about doing one at a time, he said it was a good idea and increase the depakote first then start the AD later. We don't want to wait too long though because difficult child is having some pretty serious signs here that something is needed. If he gets into that study where he's inpatient, it's different but right now, there is only so much I can do.
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    Depakote blood levels reach a steady state at about 6 days. Of course, the full effect of the increase may not be seen for several weeks. If you're concerned with the way he's behaving, I'd at least wait a few days before starting the AD.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you! I'm open to suggestions- but I know there's no way I can get him in a psychiatric hospital right now unless things either change to get so bad the cops will transport him or unless he gets to a point that he goes willingly. Unless his therapist has another plan- and I will touch base with him tomorrow to see. I thought it was best today to let difficult child have the time alone with therapist, but I did make sure that the therapist knew what issues were going on before they went into counseling. The therapist has a signed release form and is fully aware that I have encouraged him to discuss things with psychiatrist. I don't know what else I can do.
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    Hi I'm sorry i'm so late to this, have my own nightmares as of late. I'm glad to hear that things are progressing somewhat. I'm also glad to here how the doctor was behind you with your decision regarding the medication.

    I'm glad the parent advocate called you back with that idea. You were so do for return phone calls and assistance at this point. I'm glad that you are finally starting to get it.

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    Thanks, Jennifer! I just saw my new therapist- well- I think. I'm not really sure if she's the right fit yet because I was so busy "unloading" everything I could that I'm sure I didn't even answer all her questions and I have no idea what type of therapy she would be using or even if we can "connect". I have to wait until Jan to see her again because she was booked early next week, then she's off a while for the holidays. It will probably be like starting completely over after waiting that long. :(

    The principal didn't take my call, or return a call, or email. I'm getting pretty annoyed about that. I can't imagine a school principal avoiding someone after a parent of a kid who isn't coming to school lets him/her know that they have an urgent situation at home and need the principal to take some action.
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