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    Day 2 with Adderall. He called me at work at 11am and was extremely upset. Just found out he received 5 detentions for something last week. He screamed something not nice at the teacher then walked out of class and slammed the door. He denies it. Then tries to say he was using his cool off pass. Teacher and principal said he never mentioned the pass. Then once he was in the office the office called the classroom to see if difficult child could take the test in the office. Sure. Well, he never went to pickup the test. He was found in the commons.

    difficult child stayed after to make up more missing work. I went in to get him and principal asked to see me. He met with difficult child earlier that day. difficult child doesn't want to go to that school. District high school is easier. He told principal he does sloppy work and does it wrong ON PURPOSE so he gets kicked out of that school. Principal is a very, very smart man and always works with difficult child and does an excellent job. However I was not pleased yesterday. He said he wants difficult child to take one class on eschool next year and one class at district school, maybe all classes there if that is what he wants. He is also the principal of E-school. This is a district school. They have a physical location too. I said no. I said if he doesn't do his work when someone tells him to how do you expect him to do it on his own. He went on to say he is not on his own. A teacher calls him every day. They know every key he hits ..etc.
    difficult child and I started arguing because I was pulling missing work out of his folder. Work that was done and never handed in, work that was blank.
    difficult child was very tearful and mean. He said it is HIS education and HE should be able to pick the school he goes to. He would be lost in a school of 3000. Here at this school the teachers all interact, they do fun things together, they go outside. District school, teachers could care less and he would just fall through the cracks. Tried the big school for middle school.
    difficult child says this everytime he gets in trouble. Then when things are good he likes it.
    We argued with each other. I swear his life mission is to work as hard as he can to go against ANYTHING I say, do or want.

    Principal said he is calling an IEP meeting. He told difficult child it is NOT his parents choice where he goes to school. It is a TEAM decision and HE is part of the team. The majority rules. He said that several times.

    I DON"T think SO.

    Last night he dinked around for a long time, trying to play games on computer when he should of been doing homework.

    difficult child said that he takes the adderall rx in the morning and by 1pm he is wiped out. He wants to take another. Dosage is suppose to increase this weekend. So today he took an extra pill and will take it in the afternoon.

    psychiatrist started him on 15mg's and after 3 days he is to take Two. Does that seem right?
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    I don't know anything about medications but wanted to share my support.

    What a horrid day you have had. The principal has no right to tell difficult child that you don't have authority in any part of his life, even school.

    I hope the increase helps.

    My diva has that same mission regarding me. It is frustrating and heartbreaking.
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    If I'm remembering right, 30mg/day is not an unusual dose. I think the max recommended is 40mg.

    My difficult child 1 takes the Daytrana (methylphenidate) patch and at 106 pounds, he does well on 30mg per day.

    Also, are you aware that the stimulant medications can often make pre-existing anxiety worse? We found that to be the case with difficult child 1.
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    I'm not sure about the dose but also wanted to lend my support. I don't like at all what the principal said, it seems undermining to you as the parent. Hugs.
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    Miss KT has been on 25 mg/day, and gets bumped up to 30 tomorrow. Same thing, wearing off too quickly.

    I'd be up in that principal's face...the kid goes to school where I let him go to school. It's not the kid's place to pick and choose. And it's not the principal's, either.

    As for difficult child...if it's HIS education and HE wants to give input...he needs to demonstrate some maturity regarding his schoolwork. I told Miss KT over and over...if you want to be treated as an adult, you first have to act like one. If you want to act like a three-year-old, you get treated like one.

    Sending many hugs and support. It's not easy.