difficult child with ODD in trouble again


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I cant take much more of this stress!!! I got another call from the school saying my difficult child left and was skipping and now has 4 days OSS. Nice. My stomach is sick over this. I went looking for him and found him and he ran from me! He is on PINS and he has now gotten himself in more trouble. No conseqeunce in the world seems to work with him. He just continues to mess up. He could care less who he hurts including himself. He continues to be definant and doesnt listen. I cant stand this anymore. I am tired of all the work I put in and get nothing from it. He takes Karate and I am totally thinking about taking it from him and all the "experts" say I shouldnt. He goes to counseling and I am just so sick of this. Everytime my phone rings my stomach hurts. Thank god for Sobriety! Been sober for almost 10 years. I dont know what else to do. I have tried everything, took everything away , punished him. He just doesnt care. HELP


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I have absolutely no suggestions, but wanted to send you some good vibes.

How about a mtg with- school staff about how utterly ridiculous it is to give difficult child 4 days OSS for skipping? FOUR DAYS??? I mean, really, from a difficult child's perspective, where's the downside in that? How about janitorial duty every day after school? One week for every class skipped? Might do wonders for their janitorial budget? :wink: Sorry - being funny but also a bit serious too. They're giving him exactly what he wants - no hope in him ever changing his behaviors that way.

Hopefully, a wiser mom will be along shortly with advice. Hang in there.


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thanks sue, you made me laugh at least. I made them give him 4 days ISS. I told her she was doing him a favor. I have totally had it with the nonsense this school hands me. I have an IEP meeting on June 4th and I am going to have to make them come up with an alternative to suspension for cutting. It is crazy! They dont want to be there to begin with , so lets just give them what they want. I totally agree. Thanks for making me laugh, I needed that. Michelle

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Is he having more anger problems since starting antidepressants? Anxiety, agitation, anger, aggression even violence can be side effects to antidepressants. Sometimes they show up immediately but often they don't start appearing until 3 months or so into the course of treatment and slowly, gradually get worse. There are reasons they aren't approved for use by children and adolescents.


Lot of "potential" problems going on here.

For what it's worth, my difficult child doesn't respond to discipline appropriately when all is not well in his world -- most particularly anxiety. Punitive discipline just adds to the problem.

I'd recommend a medication re-evaluation.

When is the last time he was evaluated privately and at school?

Have you requested a FBA?


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Hi everyone, we did do a medication reavaluation about 3 weeks ago. They started him on Lexapro and we took away the stimulants about 1 year ago for his ADHD because he had "horrible" mood swings with much anger. He has had anger issues for many years. Back then he wasnt on antidepressants. He has been off everything except homeopathic for about 6 months but to no avail he self medicated (lots of pot) and ended up in the ER because the SD was "afraid" of what he had taken because he was so out of it. In the hospital he went through the psychiatric dept and they suggested he start lexapro with his homeopathic medications. husband on lexapro and works great for him. They felt family genetics , same medication would work on difficult child. The psychiatric doctor was familiar with the Homeopathic drugs and agreed that they should continue. IEP in place and as in other posts SD still cant provide me with a FBA. June 4th IEP meeting going to fight for alternative placement. He is sitting in ISS for the next 3 days, at least I wont get any calls from SD telling me he is in trouble. Unfortunalty its the only time i dont get sick to my stomach when the phone rings during the day! Sad but true.