difficult child's boss is using him!


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My difficult child has been working at the hobby shop for over three months now. His boss has him closing the store and opening it and kept telling him he was giving him a trial run to see how he would do as a manger before actually compensating him for his extra responsibilities. difficult child called me on Saturday all excited because his boss went away for 4 days and asked him to manage the store and told him he would be paid managers pay for those days. Boss comes back yesterday and hands difficult child a $50 gift certificate to the store instead.

Of course difficult child is livid because he has counted on this money for bills and now has more money to spend where he works. I told him he needs to speak up, but he won't. I told him he needs to find a new job, but he won't. So I told him he is allowing him to do this and as long as he allows him too, he will continue to use him. Don't know what else to tell him.

His boss continuously tells him he knows where he's coming from because he's been there. I don't think so. I think he wants difficult child to think he's been where he has because he uses it to make difficult child feel like he's lucky he's giving him a chance. If you've been there done that, you don't treat people like that.


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Poor kid! Is difficult child keeping track of his hours to make sure he is actually getting paid for the time he works? A gift certificate to the store isnt compensation. Im sure the IRS would have a field day with that one. Labor board too.

Tell difficult child that he has some good experience now and that he can look for a job on the sly while he is still working and it is easier to get a job while he is still employed.


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<span style="color: #006600">i swear, karen, this kind of stuff seems to go on more here in florida than anyplace i've ever lived.

bosses make promises that never materialize all the time it seems. on the flip side i've never lived anywhere where people don't think twice about walking off the job with-o a fair thee well.

if he hasn't been keeping track of his hours he should start. i'd actually advise him to keep this job at least another month...then start looking. if he finds something tell him to be sure to tell new employer that he must give one week's notice. shows they will get the same respect from him should he choose to leave.

kris </span>


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The thing is difficult child is too stubborn to look for another job. I'm not quite sure actually if it's stubborn, or he hates changes and he's had so much of it already. He will stay at this job, like he always does, until he gets fired for something, or gets so fed up that he walks out. He has never looked for a job while having one, no matter what the conditions he's working under. He doesn't listen either when I tell him what he should do, so I'm just trying to keep my response as, that if he continues to allow him to use him, he will continue to use him.


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Your response is a good one. If the Labor Board got wind of this, that boss would be in really hot water. I really hope your son gets tired of this.

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His boss makes me angry that he would do this to your son! But like you said, your son is allowing it to happen. I guess until your son gets sick of it, he's not going to do anything about it. So I guess you should try not to worry about his job situation, if you are able to.

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Karen I agree with Ant's mom, your response is correct.

I tend to have a problem being too sympathic to my employees because I have been there done that, so with his actions I agree with you that he doesn't seem sincere with your son.

I would scout other jobs doing the same type of manager work and just share what they offer in pay and benefits.

Sometimes seeing the print and being able to compare it to what he makes now will help him see what is going on with his boss.

You never know the reason when they stick it out in an unfair workplace.

Fear of failure maybe? He is comfortable where he is and knows he can do the work. Maybe he fears if he leaves he won't find another place he can feel the same way?

Just throwing out thoughts, you never know.

I hope you can get him to see what is going on, there are lots
of employers just like his in the world ~ if they think they can get by with unfair pay they will continue because it means more money in their pocket!

But there are great ones out there too!


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It really makes me angry when business owners take advantage of young people like that.

When I met husband, he was working at small shop. The owners, long time friends of his family, gave him the title of "manager" and then worked him 45, or (usually) more, hours per week to get out of paying him overtime. Of course, he, nor I, knew the law. In order for a position to be exempt from overtime, 80 percent of its duties have to be administrative. Or, at least, at the time that is what it was in California.

His job was ZERO percent administrative.

Unfortunately, difficult child is the one who has to quit, or take other action. It's so hard to see our kids being taken advantage of.