difficult child's iep meeting

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Wiped Out

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    went well yesterday. It was a meeting about implementing the IEP and everyone seems to be on the same page-now we have to make sure things are followed through.

    So far this year difficult child is off to a good start. I had to laugh when they did say he had to go to the time out room once. He looked at them and said, "No I don't because that isn't part of my plan this year!". :rofl: Of course, these teachers were having none of that and said yes it was. Apparently he wasn't happy but went and got it over with. I'm glad these teachers weren't easily manipulated by difficult child! :smile: I am cautiously optimistic about the upcoming year!
  2. smallworld

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    Sharon, I remember all your posts from last school year and am glad you're on better footing this year. Here's hoping it continues!
  3. timer lady

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    What good news! I'm glad to hear that everyone is on the same page - keeping a good thought it continues & that difficult child has a good school year.
  4. jannie

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    Glad to hear everybody is now on board--and that the school year is off to a good start.
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    I always love to hear good news especially first thing in the morning!!! I've got my fingers crossed that this school year is the best yet for difficult child!!!

    Your difficult child's response to going to the time out room made me laugh too. It sounds like something straight out of my difficult child 1's mouth!!! WFEN