Disappointed in sd AGAIN

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by klmno, Apr 9, 2008.

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    I met with sd's ed spec. and middle school director of Special Education a couple of weeks ago to asked for them to get someone knowledgable in mood disorders to consult with and help us with iep stuff, among a few other things. They said they would look into it. I provided them a copy of latest psychiatric evaluation and stressed that I did not want this in difficult child's school record and did not want the info in it to be available to others at school, at least until they had some "training" about mood disorders from the consultant. (We have had some bad experiences with some people at school thinking they are experst on everything and doing much more harm than good when they get info like this.) They assured me that the copies would be only for their review, but did asked if I minded if they met with the principal about some things, including that report. I had already let the principal read it, so that was fine with me.

    Yesterday, I get an email saying these two had met with case manager and asst. principal to go over the psychiatric report and review strategies for reporting difficult child's behavior. First, I am ticked about them reviewing that report with others without my prior permission or knowledge or opportunity to be involved in the converstaion. Second, that sounds like an undocumented IEP meeting without my knowledge. Thirdly, why are they spending time discussing behavior reports AGAIN instead of pursuing the things they told me they would pursue?

    I emailed back this morning and said that I was not comfortable with this and I would like all copies of that report returned to me as soon as possible. I gguess there is nott much I can do at this point- but it will be the last time that I trust any of them with any personal info.

    I should have known...
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    I would ask for an "official" IEP meeting if I were you.

    If your difficult child does not have an IEP, then I woudl suggest you follow the steps to get a full CSE in order to GET one....

    "Negotiating" does not work if the SD holds all the cards.