Discharge party and kind of new diagnosis!!!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Well I must say I was almost in tears when K had her discharge party! We brought 2 cakes, chocolate and lemon (her fav) she got up talked about what she had learned and liked etc. It was so cute!!! She got claps, high fives and hugs from everyone.
She made so many friends and they all bonded so well. It made me love our little g'sfg so much more... watching a room full of them for 4+ weeks has been awesome!

We spent over an hour on our discharge plan...psychiatrist was so great. He moved her GAF up to a 50 at this point!!! He also took off ODD !!! She is Mood Disorder-not otherwise specified, ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) at this point in time... he wants to watch her "voices" and see how much she is "adding" to them. He feels if she can learn to deal with them and her depression she will be better off than throwing her in the ER everytime. Or overmedicating her. I thought this was pretty cool.
He wants to check for seizures also...
We are to check in every week for 3 weeks and then most likely come in. He gave us an emergancy plan!!! YIPPEE!!! We can attend the parent meetings anytime and call anytime with a question!!!
He wants us to continue therapy for her and keep her as social as possible... and we are going to try and go slowly with the medication changes and see how she does. But he will stop anything if we don't feel comfortable!!! I love him so far!!!
He is straight forward, told me I talk too much, to K. Let her talk more... when she is in trouble, make her talk more. Make her be accountable for her feelings and actions, don't fall back on my mood disorder and anxiety. Awesome!
I met a very nice Mom of 2 adopted g'sfg and got her number!!! K loves her son!!! The cutie who is 10!!!

It is scary coming home, I have heard some of you voice that before... I now know how it is. I don't have the safety net.
Anyway K seems to be doing really well. My heart is so hopeful... I wanted to share.


T, this is the best you've sounded since you arrived at CD.com. I'm happy for you, and I'm happy for K. psychiatrist, by the way, sounds like a peach.

M came home from the hospital for her feeding disorder exactly a year ago. She was improving, but I was so scared about taking more responsibility for her daily care. As the days and weekes went by, she grew stronger and I grew more confident in my ability to handle her. I hope that happens for you and K, too. The fact of the matter is, we have to step up to the plate. Our kids really need and depend upon us.

Hang in there, Warrior Mom. You can do it.

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What a wonderful update! This all sounds so promising!

Hang onto this psychiatrist.

This cyberauntie is sending difficult child very big hugs this morning. :bravo: :kisses:

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What a great post this was to read-I'm smiling here and so happy for difficult child and for you! :smile:


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I'm so glad this was such a positive experience !! It sounds like this p-doctor is really good. Glad to hear K is doing so well!


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What a thrill to read of truly caring and competent care helping
a difficult child and family so much in a short period of time. Doing a happy dance for you. DDD


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I, also, am doing a big happy dance for you guys -
:princess: The team sounds wonderful, and there is nothing like having support only a phone call away, if you need it!!!!

:smile: Here is to a bigger and brighter future than you could have ever imagined!!!!!!!!!!!