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I'm thinking of planning a trip to Disney World either in late May or early September (hopefully off season) and need advice from any of you who have taken the trip.

We've never travelled to Orlando before and if anyone has any good ideas as far as lodging goes, please share.

We would like to stay inside the park but that may be to expensive. My husband works for an airline so the airfare would be taken care of.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Suzy, we have been several times. easy child is there at present. The Caribbean Beach Club is nice. There are frequent buses to take you where you want to go. No car is necessary. We stayed at the Contemporary the last time(Oct)It is on the monorail.
We have stayed at several of the hotels on site and just off site. When you talk to wife you can get different price ranges of rooms. There will be something that will work for you. Some of the package deals have them pick you up at the airport and you don't deal with luggage. It just appears in your room. It is really nice to not have restless kids standing in line to get your luggage stowed.
We have done the meal plan the last 2 times. Some of the restaurants have exceptional food but you want to make reservations as soon as you can. </span>


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Almost ten years ago we stayed at the Dolphin hotel. It was fabulous and we could take a water ferry to the park. We could see the nightly fireworks out our window and the room we had was great, I think it was kind of a suite deal. The only problem is the $$$$. I didn't do any of the arranging for this so don't even know how much it would cost, but the place was great to stay at. As I recall the food at the hotel was expensive and not all that great. That could have changed. I guess I would think about how much time you will be at the hotel? Hope you find a good deal, it is a fun place. I was surprised by the number of senior citizens that were there. Almost outnumbered the kids.


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Staying on Disney property also helps out because you can get anywhere in Disney by bus or boat - with no charge.

We did not do a meal plan, but we did use the cafeteria style restaurant at the hotel many times. They had this Disney cup that we all bought. It was only $12 - we got to drink all week whenever and whatever we wanted (no alcohol).

There is a book The Unofficial Guide to Disney - that was very helpful in planning the trip.


We love Disney World! After an absence of 7 years, we went again last May and it was fantastic!

We stayed at the moderate resort called Port Orleans French Quarter -- just lovely and so much fun.Of the 4 times we've stayed on site, we have stayed here 3 times. I've posted two links below if you want lots of great info on planning your trip. Have a blast!




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The Unofficial Guide is a must for anyone planning a Disney trip. The authors go through DIsney with a fine tooth comb and give you all the tricks. There is a companion guide "THe Unofficial Guide to Disney with Kids" that really focuses on kiddie activities.