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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jere, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Okay so I read the book The explosive child an it works! Usually It is a struggle to get his toe nails and finger nails cut. He always has a melt down becuase he says its too short and it is very hard to do it in the first place. So this time I said we need to trim them and he can do it himself if he would like. HE say YES, and was really excited about it! I asked him if I could help when it look like he was having a hard time and he was okay with that. Now he is doing his finger nails byhimself! No meltdown no crying or whining. Its wonderful... :smile:
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    Well there you go!!! Good job!!! It doesn't all work. But pick and choose what battles are important to both of you. What seem to be a huge struggle for him. Worth fighting over, not worth it.

    For us, the shower is not worth at times. Sometimes going to school is not worth it. You have to know your child know when and if they are working you, which basket to put it in.

    For us the negotiation is still hard because of K's mania. But some kids really thrive on it. She likes it with some things.

    Good for you for trying!!!
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    What great success. Keep it up.
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    you are the second "newbie" in as many days who has posted a success because of finding out about "The Explosive Child"

    Thanks for sharing the good news! :its_all_good:

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    I'm a believer!