Do you and your family make holiday wish lists??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. hearts and roses

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    We always have, mostly so I coudl share it with my ex-il's and also because I like to have at least an idea of what the girlies really want. I already know what they need, Know what I mean??

    difficult child gave me her list and I was so surpised it had hardly nothing on it at all. I mean, she had one big ticket item (a laptop) but otherwise it was the most reasonable list. She's always been like that. She never really asks for a lot of gifts and usually not giant things. I remember for 3 years straight she asked for this stupid toy...I cant' even remember ther name, but I wouldn't get it for her, it was so gross and inappropriate I thought. Haha. We were recently looking at some of their lists from early childhood and there it was for 3 years straight. She asked if she was old enough yet!

    easy child's list, as I said in another post, is monumental. She's become quite the little greedball.

    Do you all do lists?
  2. Marcie Mac

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    I never had "written" lists from the kids - I had what they wanted pretty much memorized from early October till Xmas cause they repeated what they wanted a few times a day LOL I remember not being able to even see the bottom of the tree for the presents.

    This year, I KNOW I have reached some sort of milestone as I keep asking them what they want, and they really can't come up with much of anything. easy child said a Sirius Radio installed in his car would be nice, and difficult child said maybe an XBox 360 Halo Edition.
    Eldest difficult child said a rice cooker and crock pot would be nice.

    I remember years ago getting miffed because I got a vaccume cleaner from dex - it felt so wrong to be getting that kind of household "stuff" as a present. Perfume, jewelry, silky kind of clothing -those were the ideal Xmas presents. Now I know I am getting old - The boys asked me for my wish list this year, and the only thing on it is a "food processor" :rofl:

    Santa always brings their annual supply of underwear and socks. Clothes are out cause they developed into such clothing snobs I am trying to think of some little stocking stuffers that will be a total surprise but cant come up with anything at all.

  3. hearts and roses

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    My list consists of the following:

    A rice cooker, A new iron withOUT auto shut off, A GC to Coldwater Creek, A GC for a massage, A new set of carving knives, or, An Ionic brush for the dogs.

    H will buy my my Clinique 3-Step package, 5 pairs of undies and bras - all 3 sizes too small, A GC for the pedi/mani for my stocking, A sweater from Coldwater Creek that I would never ever buy like he did last year. It was like wearing two squares of fabric - did not flatter my shape at all. I hated it. And maybe something else, I don't know. I told him I didn't want to exchange this year and he told me not to buy him anything but that he is still buying for me.

    easy child will buy me the knives, I'm sure of it - the little culinary queen that she is! Oh, and I know she's been looking at the rice cookers too.

    difficult child will buy me the ionic brush for the dogs - we both speak woof so she understands how important it is to me, plus she gets a discount at Sharper Image! And she might also get me this perfume I like at Kohls.

    It's nice to see the kids not being quite so greedy as they were when they were little trying to cash in on Christmas. OMG - I know what you mean about not seeing the bottom of the tree!!
  4. DammitJanet

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    My kids never really did the list thing but they got excited over toys on TV and that let me know kind of what they would want. I also knew them pretty

    Its much harder now!

    Back when we were younger us parents never got Xmas presents for each other because we didnt have much money so we wanted to use what we did have on making the kids Xmas good. I would get husband a few new pairs of jeans and some long underwear because he works outside to make the money. Sometimes I got something like a new set of dishes if we really needed them.

    Now I still get husband his jeans and long underwear but he also gets something to do with hunting or fishing. The older boys are much harder. Billy is getting some tools to go with his new heating and air course he is taking and maybe some new clothes. Cory is getting a few new pants and shirts. Cory wont get as much since I am also spending a small fortune on his child. Same with Jamie and Billie Jean. Jamie is getting a fishing chair embroidered with his name and Billie Jean is getting a GC to her favorite restaurant. Hailie is getting an exersaucer and infant toys. Keyana is getting spoiled rotten!

    I also got us as a family a new dvd recorder and a portable dvd player.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    JoG, it makes me uncomfortable to see long lists of the "I want".
    We decided to set limits. I was over indulgent with difficult child until 5yrs old and then I got disgusted.

    They can ask for one big ticket item and one small item. Anything they get from me or relatives over and about that is gravy.

    DvD's are a given for the small item. Both sons like to have their favorite movies. I also got them socks. (not much of a wow factor but appreciated on those cold days)

    It's worked pretty well over the course of their lives.
  6. Josie

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    We do make lists in my family. It is supposed to be a gift suggestion list rather than a shopping list.

    I usually get most things on my list but it is never anything really big. This year I have serving pieces for my new dishes, a wok, a couple of books on it.

    My oldest has a cell phone on her list, a charger for her IPod and Pirates DVD's. She has a birthday in December also.

    My youngest has a lot of animal toys on her list. I'm not sure what to do about this because she is obsessed with animals and I feel like it just feeds it to let her get more.
  7. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    I'm having the hardest time with Tink.

    I never had this problem with Copper.

    If I gave Copper a box of Cheerios, she would have said "this is the coolest box of Cheerios!" and she would have saved the box because it was from me.

    Tink, on the other hand, has been telling me EVERY SINGLE toy she wants...from commercials that she sees on TV...since like August. And we've cut down on TV a lot. She drives me nuts. Mommy I want this. Mommy I want that. Mommy it's not fair, my friend Emily has that, why can't I? And my biggest battle is those ridiculous Bratz dolls. I refuse to get them for her.

    Anyways, it is worse than that. She not only wants, she thinks she deserves, and she is forever keeping track of everyone else. Her little friend had a birthday a couple weeks ago. Had to buy her a gift. Near meltdown in the store. No mom, if we buy her that, I will be jealous. Nope can't buy her this, my feelings will be hurt.

    A couple days ago I took her to the store to finish her Christmas shopping. She earned allowance, and we set it aside for her to spend on gifts. We went to the dollar spot at Target. OF course, she wanted something for her, and could not understand why that was a problem. We did, however, get her an outfit, which I said I would. Then we had to pick up a gift for her cousin's birthday. Grabbed a little pair of snowflake earrings. Red alert, red alert. Meltdown ensuing. But MOOOOOMMMMM, why can't I have some jewelry TOOOOOOO? I tell her if she does not knock it off, the outfit goes back. She says You're mean, I don't even WANT to go to Erika's birthday, and I don't care. So. No clothes for Tink. And she is throwing a ROYAL tantrum.

    I swear I did not mean to hijack the post, but there is no stopping at this point...

    Don't I get the cashier with only one good arm. Who goes by the script. Would you like a gift receipt? / No, please hurry. / Would you like to apply for a Target credit card? / NO, could you please just hurry? / Aww, What's wrong? Would she like a sucker? / LADY. Could you speed this up PLEASE??

    Tink with me in line, I'm scared mom, what are you going to do to me, you're mean. Runs to the door and hides behind the carts. No mommy, don't hurt me.

    What are you supposed to do? That is EXACTLY when you feel like putting them through a wall.

    More importantly, she does NOT GET what is fair and what is not. No matter what this kid gets, she is going to be let down. Can you train a kid otherwise?

  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    My Mother - was brilliant and a strategist.

    The week before Thanksgiving we would ALWAYS go to Sears for new shoes. While there Mom would buy 2 Wishbook catalogs. The one that had JUST toys in it.

    Over the long Thanksgiving holiday to keep us out of her hair she would hand my sister and I each a catalog, notebook and pencil. The deal was we were (before Turkey dinner) to write down ALL and EVERY single toy we wanted. I mean the sky was the limit. It took literally HOURS to fill out the paperwork (thus keeping us out of her hair)

    When that was done the bird was usually done, and we'd eat - and to occupy us again - she would sit down with a cup of coffee and look over both of our lists. Nodding, smiling, raising her eyebrows, saying things like WOW or OH MY. Then she would hand the list back to us and say - now pick out 100 of those toys that would be your favorites.

    Well as you can probably guess - this went on the entire thanksgiving vacation. She would say "You better get working on your lists." And back we would go to toil over our top 100, then back to Mom and she would say "Okay your top 50", and back we'd go and then back to Mom and then it was "Your Top 25, Top 10, and finally YOUR HEARTS DESIRE." The MOTHER of all gifts IF we were well behaved enough through the whole year.

    With the list whittled down to 25 and a HEARTS DESIRE - we were instructed in our best handwriting to pen a letter to Santa. We addressed it to North Pole and handed it to her for mailing to the Elf himself.

    Mom and Dad ALWAYS tried so hard to get the Hearts Desire. To this day - my Mom will call and say "What is your Hearts Desire this year?" I think she's genius. And I have some REALLY REALLY neat toys. Still no pony, but that's a Santa Clause issue~really. My Mom told me so. lol

  9. 4sumrzn

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    I guess I can honestly say I miss the wish lists from easy child. husband always told him to make sure to put #1 - A Pony, #2 - a little brother & #3 - what he REALLY wanted (knowing 1 & 2 were out). That was always really cute & he normally got #3 & more. He quit writing lists quite a few years ago :(. difficult child doesn't understand gifts, holidays, birthdays.....she will talk about them because all of the other kids are. But, husband even said last night.....her B-Day could pass right by & she just doesn't "get it". Very sad. answer the question.....I guess we don't make lists anymore, just wish every day :santa:
  10. hearts and roses

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    Star, I almost wish I had a wee one (not really) so I could copy your mom's methods. You're right, she IS genius!!

    I remember going through the Sears Holiday Wish Catalog - it was awesome fun!
  11. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    BBK - BOTH of my kids had moments of disappointment when they realized they had opened all their gifts. The room would be flooded with wrapping paper, wall to wall and they'd be picking through it looking for another gift. H or I would say, "Well, looks like we're done" or whatever, and the look of despair on their faces was gut wrenching!

    It's only been the past couple of years that they seem to be very happy and content and that started after we stopped trying to please them so much. Go figure.

    I feel for you in the line at Target. Ugh. I hated that.

  12. DammitJanet

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    Only one of my kids had the "greedies" as I call it. That was Billy. He would tear through everything really fast at our place then want to rush over to my moms house to see what she got him because she always got him a bunch of stuff too and not my other two boys much of anything. He was never really appreciative of what we got him as a kid. He grabbed it up and ran to her house to play.

    Now the other two kids were just thrilled with whatever they got. It really didnt matter.

    I remember one xmas that the boys...the younger two...still talk about to this day. It was xmas 1997. So Cory was 11 and Jamie was 13. We had always told them we would never get them anything like a motorcycle or 4wheeler but that year we decided to get them a two seater gocart. It had a roll bar so it seemed safer. But it was a high dollar present so the rest of the presents would be meager.

    I got them a super nintendo to share, a few games, some clothes, their stockings...and that was it.

    The tree looked mighty meager and bare when they came out that morning. The go cart was hid in a neighbors barn.

    Jamie and Cory came out to see what Santa had brought them. They kept up such brave faces and tried not to let us see the disappointment on their faces at all. They knew I had been in an accident that previous spring so they just assumed we were short on money so they wouldnt say a word. They watched as their daddy started Christmas dinner and they started playing nintendo.

    It was a warm day so the door was open. Their dad left the house walking and they paid it no attention really. You could hear the other kids who got motorized vehicles for xmas all over. Suddenly one got closer and Jamie made the comment...sounds like someone close to us got a motorbike or something. Cory looked out the door and said...someone got a go cart. Then Cory yelled...someone got a go cart and they are letting DADDY drive it!

    Jamie jumped up and the kids both ran outside. Tony got off it and they were hollaring and begging to ride it and asking whose it was. When they were told it was theirs...they couldnt believe it.

    They still say that was the best xmas they ever had.
  13. Kjs

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    never have done lists. Maybe we are just not that organized. difficult child's B-day is 9 days before xmas, and easy child's b-day is the month after x-mas. I keep these days seperate. B-day is a special day, and want to keep it a special day. As is xmas.

    difficult child asked this year if he could just get a bigger xmas gift and no birthday gift. i told him that is a nice jesture, but they are two very special days and I want to keep it that way.

    difficult child then asked for "rock band" is for xbox360 and PS3. (for his birthday) He was excited when he asked for this. LOL..I looked at him and told him he doesn't OWN an xbox360 or Ps3. he sighed and said, Oh, yeah.

    other than that one request, he says he doesn't know what he wants. That makes it very difficult.

    easy card.

    Wish we did lists. Maybe I will begin one this year. A list for ME. Put it on the fridge, and they can all pool their money and pick one. Great post.
  14. LittleDudesMom

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    Last year was the first year I didn't have a list to work from. Mine, as long as they believed in Santa, wrote a letter to Santa. I have every one of those letters! I usually start asking the kids to be thinking of some things they want in October. I keep the list myself, without their knowledge. They know that just because it's on the list doesn't mean it's going to happen. I decide!!

  15. hearts and roses

    hearts and roses Mind Reader

    Janet, what a heartwarming story about the gocart. I got goosebumps just imagining the boys jumping for joy when they realized the gocart was theirs!

    kjs, I am a Christmas baby - born on December 27th and I can tell you, you are definitely doing well by your kids by keeping birthdays and Christmas separate! My mother ALWAYS pooled my Christmas and birthday gifts together. What really stunk about it was that on my birthday there was nothing. Ever. One year, everyone forgot it completely until the 1st week of January. That is something great about exh's family - they always made my birthday separate and special. H does also, as do my girls. Good for you! One day your kiddos will appreciate that you kept THEIR special day special.

    This reminded me of my 12th birthday. It stands out as the only one really great birthday of my youth. I was always in and out of the hospital during the holiday season with asthma, so this particular year was no different. I was home recuperating and my sister came barrelling (ironically loco sister) through the door, made put big giant sweatpants over my pjs and against my mom's wails, took me out for my Christmas present. It was a shopping cart they had stolen from the local supermarket. She and her boyfriend (now brother in law) wheeled me up and down the block till I was frozen through! The most magical part of this was that it had just started snowing, the most sparkly snow ever, and the moon was still out so the sky was lit up as the snow came down and we wheeled up and down the block, my mom screaming for us to come in! Haha - THAT is one of my best birthday/Christmas memories to date.
  16. HereWeGoAgain

    HereWeGoAgain Grandpa

    DJ, what a great story!