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    Colonial Williamsburg?

    I'd love to get Duckie there for a few days. I need information on where to stay, eat, etc. We'd also want to do a day at Busch Gardens. I've seen the websites but I want info from folks that have been there.

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    There's an indoor water park/hotel there and I've heard people say it's a great place to stay if you have a child that likes being in the water. These were parents of scouts or people I worked with. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of it. The two places youn want to go are great experiences and a lot of fun. If you are staying a few days or more, nearby Yorktown and Jamestown are great to visit too. They all have their unique learning experiences. I think you'll find most people around that general area trustworthy enough that if you call phone numbers from the websites or from the town's visitor's center, they will give you pretty accurate info. Williamsburg, outside the Colonial area, has some great little shops and places to eat lunch and so forth, too.

    Also, LDM might know something about that area.
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    I'm sorry I can't give specifics, but just wanted to chime in that outside of colonial williamsbugh there are nearby areas with a lot of restaurants and hotels/motels to choose from. Also, don't skip Jamesport...and about an hour or so away is Virginia Beach if you feel like taking a day trip! My easy child did her extern for culinary school at Kingsmill in Williamsburgh but lived with her aunt in Virginia Beach.

    Have fun. You could contact the Chamber of Commerce or a local travel agent for more specific information.
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    Oh TM, definitely do the whole Williamsburg thing and go to Jamestown too. Busch Gardens is the best park I have been to other than disney in my opinion. If you dont want to actually stay in Williamsburg you can get a cheaper hotel right outside it but even inside isnt all that awful. You can bike tour the town. And there is an awesome place to eat...a tavern...cant remember the name right now...gosh darnit! The movie that tells the whole Patrick Henry "give me liberty or give me death" speech is so awesome!

    We took the boys there one Thanksgiving and they loved it. Ive been so many times I lost Jamestown is awesome too. Get her to read Pocohantas before she goes.
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    It is WELL worth the trip. I have an aunt and uncle who live in Yorktown and we went to Williamsburg a couple of times when I was a kid. To this day those are some of my favorite memories! I wish we could afford to go there. The Yorktown Battlefields are/were really cool, esp if you imagine the battles that went on there.

    On your way, or before you go, check out some of the kids books from the "Dear America" series and similar series. The first book In the "My America" line is about Jamestown (My America: Our Strange New Land, Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary, Book One). These would be great to read aloud before or even during the trip (esp if you are going by car). A lot of other titles show up if you search amazon for books on Colonial Williamsburg and then click on children's books for the search results. There are a couple of books by Joan Lowery Nixon listed on the 2nd page of the search.
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    Thanks everyone! I don't know if we can afford great wolf lodge, but....

    Duckie will start to study the colonies this year and she loves the American Girl Felicity books and movie. I think it would be the perfect time!
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    We couldnt afford that hotel as you can well imagine but we stayed at a nice place probably on Jeff Davis right outside Williamsburg. Also, if you only eat one or two meals in actual Williamsburg you will save money but do let her get some of the olden day toys and such. They are so cute. They have the hoops that they rolled with a stick and some other stuff like that. Also...they have clothing that isnt real dresses girls wore back then. Hey...Halloween is coming! We also got a book of postcards so that we wouldnt miss anything.

    Now at Busch...they will take your picture and put it in a 3D That is cute. Dont forget Octoberfest there. Thats one of my favorite things to do at Busch. And the beer tour. I dont even like beer but that is cool.

    Gosh I wish I could afford to go up with you! LOL.