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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by SunnyFlorida, Nov 30, 2006.

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    How sad....difficult child 1 finally gets clean, finds a job, get's hired, passes drug test, and the background check shows a misdemeanor retail theft and they let him go. He was going to do baggage handling at a local airport. Because it's federal affiliated, I think the background check goes deeper. I thought adjudication was withheld. Maybe it wasn't? Do I contact the lawyer and ask this? Actually he should do it.

    So sad...they take a few steps in the right direction and their past catches them up. I keep trying to tell him to lay low, go to school, let all the points disappear off his driver's license and work part time. All I get is refusal and multiple reasons why it isn't what he wants to do.
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    I "think" (if you can stand doing it) that the County Clerk
    of the Courts provides copies of all proceedings for a minimal fee. I need to suck it up and get my files all updated but I haven't stabilized from the traumas enough yet.

    I'm sorry that difficult child#1 has been stifled again. husband and I are
    trying to lead easy child/difficult child into a self-employment career. Sad to
    say........he really has no interest in anything right now.

    PS: difficult child has an appointment. 12/27 or 12/28. Want to catch a taco?
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    I am worried about the same thing happening to my difficult child, he is about to go on an interview with FederalExpress loading planes.

    He was hired for a job with American Airlines at 18 years old!!! and failed the drug test, he also not only failed but when for the physical high as a kite, they flew him to NY for the test and he missed the return flight and they had to send him to another airport to catch a flight and he was flipping out in the airport, idiot.

    I am so sorry for your son, they do try they really do but their past will haunt them for some time. its too bad

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    It is a shame when their past catches up with them like that and they lose out on something that could have been a really great break. If they could only realize before they make these choices what it will mean for their futures. My difficult child goes to court in 2 weeks and all of felony charges should be dropped, as that was the agreement that he went into the state rehab program and no more arrests for a year, and all would be dropped. I hope he realizes how fortunate he is because he was never convicted of anything, nothing shows up on his background checks.

    Saving grace, Your reply made me laugh. What was he thinking??
    Well obviously he wasn't!!
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    Karen, That whole day was a disaster. He later admitted to me that he even tried to drink one of those detox drinks to try to pass the test. He was yelling in the airport, sweating, and calling names and very agitated, he kept calling me telling me to do something. He was withdrawing or something and was scared because he didnt know when they would get him home. Pathetic. And what is more pathetic is 2 1/2 years later he is in the same position.

  6. SunnyFlorida

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    It really doesn't matter that difficult child 1 wasn't convicted of anything. The fact that he was charged is what's available. That's the bummer of it all. Even if things are dismissed, the charge still shows up.
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    So true Sunny. I know I have told this story before but here goes. I almost had a job a couple of years fact it was offered to me and all I had to do was the drug test and the background test. Well when they did both of those they found that 10 years ago because of some extenuating circumstances I had paid off a check at the magistrates office. It went on my record as a conviction. I never knew it would.

    What happened was that this occurred during a hurricane and I had bought $24 worth of supplies on my way to a shelter. The little store I bought them at got damaged and went out of business after the hurricane and never deposited the checks in a timely manner. I didnt notice that the check didnt clear and when they did go to deposit it, I didnt have the funds in the bank. They never contacted me and just turned it in to the magistrate because this store was out of business. I was contacted by the magistrate and told to come down and take care of it which I did immediately. I thought nothing more about it. Never dreamed I was allowing myself to be convicted of something without a trial.

    I would have been far better off to have them take me to court, ask for a prayer for judgment continued, which in essence says that you havent been in trouble before, wont be again for a year and this will all go away with no record.

    Instead I carry this conviction for running down to pay the dumb thing off like I should have and not wasting everyones time. So for $24 I cant get a job.
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    Aww Sunny I'm so sorry. Try to remember he did this to himself it is just a continuation of the conseqences for his actions. I'm not saying you shouldn't feel bad for him we all do. I am just reminding you that it is always going to be harder for our difficult child's now that they have these records. As far as him listening to your advice but not heeding it.... typical. I will not understand why our difficult children don't understand that we are the only people in theit lives that will always have their best intrest in mind. They blow us and our advice off and take that of strangers and their questionable friends insead. :hammer: It mind boggeling.
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    I learned just last week that anyone can look up the Wisconsin Circuit Court cases online. I was looking for Melissa's ex-boyfriend. He has a long list of various charges. A few of them were dismissed, but they are still listed and state "dismissed." Anyway, anyone can find out by doing an online search. I would think that each state has the same thing.