Donning my coconut bra for Suz's birthday luau


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yes, my fellow is that time of year. our very own Suz is celebrating her anniversary of her 21st birthday once more.

I will be hosting today's luau. coconut bras and grass skirts are over by the pig that is roasting...put yours on and join in! umbrella drinks, paper lanterns, and don ho music playing!

c'mon sing along....
I wanna get back to my little grass shack.....

tiny bubbles in the wine....

happy birthday SUZ!


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:beach: Happy Birthday, Suz!

Janet, did you save the coconut from your coconut bra so I can
make Suz some Southern Ambrosia???????? :smile:

Maybe, Sunny will come along soon and start the limbo for the

Meanwhile, I'll just sit in the coconut tree and sing for awhile:
Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
Day-light come and we wanna go home
DAY, me say DAY, me say DAY, me say DAY, me say Day-ay-ay-o
Day-light come and we wan-na go home.

Do I sound like Harry? Or do I sound like a parrot? :thumb:

I'll sign off with a little DAY-O dance! :dance: DDD


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oh that song always reminds me of the movie....Beetleguise!
come mr tally man...tally me ba nan as

we simply MUST serve pina coladas in tiny pineapples.


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:rofl: Coconut bras!!!! That's a vision I can only imagine.
Happy Birthday Suz. Many happy 21st birthdays.

In the meantime, enjoy the thoughts of a luau with fruity drinks that have umbrellas. Yum. :beach:


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If the party is on the beach, count me in ... even if I have to wear a cocunut bra and grass skirt. :smile:

Happy 21st Birthday (again), Susie! :grin:

I'll have a frozen margarita, please!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :bravo:

What a great idea to have a party on the beach-- :beach:

Happy 21st--you know I'll be 22 in December :wink:

Martie :smile:


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:smile: I will toast to Suz's 21st!

I don't think anyone wants to see me in coconuts but after a few margaritas... I'm game!

Enjoy your day on the beach. Maybe Raoul will show up and make the party complete? :wink:



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ackkkk! I forgot to tell everyone this is a

SURPRIZE party....


ok now, we all have to share one memory of when we first met Suz.
I will start:
I think if I remember clearly I first met Suz at the bus stop as I waited for the kindergarten bus..she had on knee high sox, a plaid jumper and a white blouse with a round collar. she was carrying her "suzy snowflake" metal lunch box.

no was earlier than that!

I think I met her in the hospital ward...yeah that was it! her mom and mine were in the maternity ward. we had glass incubators and I can clearly remember seeing lil baldy headed Suz over there sucking her thumb and waving to me. what a cute baby!


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OMG, you have no idea how much I needed this today!!!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I cannot believe how old I am :faint: :thumbsdown: :cry:.

It will be "worse" next year as I cross another age-related milestone and please, NO LECTURES about:

1. It's better than the alternative

2. It's only a number

3. You're only as old (or young) as you feel

:faint: :thumbsdown: :cry: :faint: :thumbsdown: :cry:

So girls............pour me a margarita, glass of wine, an umbrella drink and line 'em up. :dance: :beach: :princess:

I'll need an XS size for my coconut bra, Janet, but I certainly want to join the dancers while I'm still upright.

Raouuuuuuuuuuullllllllllllllll..............where are you darling???!!! I neeeeeeed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......... :flower:

Thanks for the good wishes. It has meant a lot to this old girl.




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Well, Janet, since I am so <u>much</u> younger than you and Susie I certainly couldn't have been in the same maternity ward. :rofl:

Suz ~ Happy 21st birthday. Let's see, that would make me 15. I like that.

I'll take one of those Pina Coladas please (even if I am underage). :beach:



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Suz, I would love to come to a party for you! Have a wonderful birthday, dear child!! 21 - where do the years go?


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Happy Birthday, Suz!

Remember when you used to babysit me?

I was a newborn, of course.


And now, we are wearing coconut bras and sipping exotic tropical drinks together.

Life is good.




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I am wearing a training coconut bra!!! LOL because I am only a tweener also!!!

Happy Birthday Suz!!! Go easy!!! 21 is a big year!!!


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Happy b-day Suz!!! I'm wearing my pecan bra :wink: and grass skirt in your honor, and passing you a mai-tai or ten.

I cannot *believe* you're feeling old. When I think of you I think of the picture that was posted on one of the old photo boards (did Christine manage that??? can't remember) of you and difficult child - you looked like his sister, I swear, and the picture couldn't have been taken *that* long ago.

Hope you have a fantabulous day!! Big b-day hugs to you!


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I can't believe that Sunny hasn't shown up to start the limbo!

Don't worry, Suz! I'll sing another song soon! DDD