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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by rbakers, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Didnt realize I had been gone so long. See a lot of old names and a lot of new. Just needed to come home for comfort for a while. I see that I have moved onto the Parent Emeritus stage of life, lol. difficult child 2 and 3 (twins) are out of high school. difficult child 2 went to college for a year, didnt make the grade so she couldnt go back. Moved in with a girlfriend, didnt work out. So she is back home. She did start beauty school a few weeks ago. Going well for her. difficult child 2 went to vocational college, that lasted about 3 months. Came home, went manic, totaled our truck, went to jail for fighting with husband, (just overnight), went to hospital second time police had to,come, refused to cooperate, was released, tried to commit suicide. I had my mom come get him because I could no longer help him and I wished he would have died that night so he would stop hurting and stop hurting us. difficult child 1 living happy productive adult life. husband in denial as always. Me, doing ok most days. Back to work full time at a job I love. So thats the short version. I will be back. As always, it helps seeing others in the same boat and reading the suggestions. Needing help here, of course, but hugs will work for now. ;)

    Just noticed I need to update my signature. Do folks not use that so much anymore?
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    Oh yes we use our sigs around here... so yes, please update yours. For the sake of both the old-timers and the newbies... :D

    I'm not in the PE stage... but I never mind handing out {{hugs}}
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    Welcome back! -RM
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    Welcome back! Yes, we use the signatures. Well, your life sounds 'full' and you seem to be coping well. You've a lot on your plate, as many of us do, we sure have our own brand of the crazies, don't we? I hope you keep posting, you know how much it helps. Great that you have a job you love. I look forward to hearing the 'long' version. Glad you're here...........