Duckie and the bee sting


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It finally happened, Duckie was stung by a yellow jacket for the first time while on break tonight at cheer practice. :smile: The good news is that it was a very typical sting, no excessive swelling or allergic reaction so far. One of the other Moms is a volunteer firefighter and helped me tend to my hysterical little girl. This was her first exposure so there is now some risk of a reaction with the second sting. :crazy: She was reluctant, but rejoined the squad for their final few minutes. Her coach was impressed with what a trooper she is. :thumb:
I just feel awful that she was so hysterical. I'm pretty sure she was terrified she'd have a bad reaction.
My poor Duckie. :frown:


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I'm 36 years old and probably would have been hysterical LOL!

Poor Duckie. Glad she rejoined and held her head high! Good for her.



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Bee stings hurt! Good for Duckie for finishing the practice.

Last bee sting I got was when I was watching difficult child play tennis. I got stung on the mouth and it hurt for hours!

Duckie must be one tough little cookie.

I definitely think that the worry of what will happen if you get stung is worse than the sting! Aw, the poor kid.

If it really was a yellow jacket, and if I am not mistaken (which I am often, and I might be now), that is actually a wasp. And one that keeps its stinger. If memory serves, my younger brother happened on a yellow jacket when he was a kid, and ticked it off pretty bad. The little SOB stung him 11 times in the ankle.


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She is a tough cookie. The poor kid took the bite on her shoulder, just an inch or so from where she was bit by a black fly a few weeks ago. I strongly encouraged her to join back in because I hoped it would take her mind off it.


Glad she returned to her activity. Stings can be so scary. When easy child got stung she was climbing a tree (part monkey at the time) we ended up at the hospital. She reacts the exact opposite too casual.


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Keep a close eye on her tonight, please.

Nichole is allergic to bees. But she has a delayed reaction. I thought she had done well when she was stung in the foot and showed no bad symptoms after a dose of benedryl.

That night she couldn't breathe, her foot was 3 times normal size, and I didn't have time for the squad, we ran her straight to children's for the shots. It was a VERY close call.

With Duckies allergies, I'd check up on her a couple of times tonight just to be sure.



Poor Duckie. I'd keep a close eye on her tonight, too.

The first and only time I was stung I was 8 and with a friend of my mom's who was a smoker. She put tobacco on the sting and it took the pain away. I promptly told my mom that she needed to start smoking. :rofl:

difficult child has been stung several times. I applied a baking soda paste and it seemed to really help with the pain.


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Now, BBK, thats not fair. Can you honestly say you knew that yellow jackets mother? :smile:

I was stung on the bottom of my foot once, made it feel tight and ached. Shoes were invented for a reason. Who knew? :hammer:

She was a real trooper! :bravo: If I even see a bee or wasp I completely freak out. I spray them with raid from 15 feet away if I can. I'm a total scaredy cat when it comes to bugs that hurt.


She is a brave one. To go back and complete the end of the squad too. Hope there is no reaction.


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TM, when I was Cheer Director there was one field we went to that had ground bees. Every year one of my girls got stung. Sometimes many girls were stung.
You can get a bee sting stick that takes the sting right out. It does some numbing, I believe. Most times just having something ready for the girl that was specifically for bee stings calmed them down.
I would just tell them I had just the thing for that like it would take it right away.

You can get them anywhere - I got them at Wal-Mart.

It is a stick that you have to snap in the middle to activate whatever is in it that makes the sting go away.

Each of my coaches had a pack of them in their medical bags. But, before going to this field, we had some of the parents hold them so we knew wherever the girls were there would be help for them.

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Poor Duckie. Good for her for going back to practice. I remember the first time I was stung (I was 37) and I did cry-it was on recess duty!


I hope Duckie is feeling fine now.

I think you are correct: if there is going to be a very serious reaction, it is the second sting that is dangerous. At least that is what I was told about easy child who has tons of allergies. Fortunately bee stings did not turn out to be one of her high sensivity ones, and she has been stung several times over the years.

Going back to finish practice was very brave of Duckie!



That is so cool. I bet she was so proud of herself. Way To Go Duckie!!

My son is also an allergic person and luckily bee stings haven't been a trigger. Now if he eats too much corn products, look out. Corn is in EVERYTHING.


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Thanks everyone. She is a brave a girl. Her coach pulled her aside and told her she was very proud of her for coming back in. Duckie actually managed a weak smile between her winces, lol!
Wendy, there are three 3 cheer squads & 3 football teams practicing on six fields. There is a cheer 1st aide kit and a football 1st aide kit. One kit split between three groups... so I bring out my 1st aid kit from my car every night. There's almost always some sort of "owie" that needs a band-aid in this youngest age group every night. So we'd have to wait for the kit, the child gets more worked up, yada, yada, yada. It's just easier for me to blow through band-aids than wait. :wink:
The weird thing about the sting site is that it was perfectly fine yesterday (albeit with benadryl), but it looks red (kind of like a scald) today, without benadryl. :hammer:


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Tm, there was a wonderful first aid kit at Sam's Club that had everything you could possibly imagine in a great kit that was perfectly packed. Each one of my squads had one and I had one as well.

It is great you are keeping the kids safe.

Hope Duckie is doing OK now.


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I got my kit as a gift for attending a disaster preparedness meeting last spring. It's quite an upgrade from the old kit. :wink: