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You said in my bee sting post that N had a reaction hours after being stung. About how many hours? And also, did she have any other symptoms than the swelling? I ask because Duckie was stung at about 7:45pm last night. I gave her benadryl before bed at 8:30pm. The sting area looked red, but not particularly swollen. It still looks good, but... Duckie has the slightest bit of puffiness in her face this morning, she just complained about a tummy ache and she's been acting kind of strange. She's been "crafting" like a maniac, lining up her toys and being "creative". (Read that last bit as into everything, a real whirlwind.)
Any insight?

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Nichole has unusual reactions to bee stings, so I'm told. One her body temp will soar to 106 once the reaction hits. (this is supposed to be extremely rare) She doesn't always swell at the sight of the sting either, has been known to do the puffy face/eyes, or huge welts, or no apparent symptoms except labored and difficulty breathing with blue lips. But just as often as not, her reactions can be delayed by as long as 12 hrs til onset of first symptoms.

Might want to call the pediatrician doctor with the puffy face and tummy ache.

Is she sounding congested or wheezy? Effort in drawing a breath? Could be benedryl is kicking out most of the reaction, but not all of it.



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This is how my youngest difficult child reacts to foods hes allergic to. He typically doesn't have a reaction for 12 or so hours. Then hes covered in hives, hot to the touch and his face looks like a pumpkin with slits for eyes. Benadryl only helps some, makes some of the visible symptoms disappear, but even then, only after an hour or more and then only for a few hours. Then its round 2 of benadryl because hes covered in hives and swollen again.