DWTS last night


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> len certainly had his grump on last night. how could he have not loved apolo & julianne's fox trot? she's one of the best dancer/choreographers they've ever had on the show.

BRC & ian should be the bottom two tonight. i'll be amazed if BR gets through this elimination round (tho there is that fan base thing). poor ian thought he was peaking this week....not so much.

joey was great but i wish they'd stop predicting he's going to win. it was the kiss of death for both stacey & mario.

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I hope Billy Ray goes this week. Not only because he really is the weakest dancer but also because I hate hearing the judges' insults. Len, grumpy? I thought he was obnoxious- ugh. A couple of times it was as if Len just wanted to say the opposite of the other two just to be difficult or something.

I thought Apolo and Julianne were head and shoulders above everyone else last night. :bravo:



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I loved Apolo. I voted for Joey once, then used the rest of my votes on Apolo.

I think Billy Ray will go tonight. I love his personality, but he definatley cant' dance. Boy was he made they called his first dance crap, and I don't blame him. That was an awful thing to say, because he does work very hard.


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Yeah, what is with Len lately. Holy cow....he gave an 8 when the other two gave a 10!! He's getting very stodgey these days.

I think Apollo really stood out last night. They were absolutely amazing. I can't believe how great of a choreographer she is, at only 18! Joey was a clear second. He's very good too.


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I told husband last night that BR is the Sanjaya of DWTS! :))
Lordy, I hope he is history tonight!

Like you guys I think Apolo and Joey are the best but...even tho
I do not like blond men...I feel for Ian because I think he is
really, truly working his hardest to be the best. He isn't and
he won't be but Lordy, Lordy he sure seems sincere in his weekly
efforts! DDD


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Okay, kris pointed out in a PM that I was MIA on the DWTS thread so . . . I'm baaack!

Apolo blew me away last night although I did agree with Len that their Tango, while awesome, was not passionate or sexy. However, they had great moves and Apolo is turning into quite a dancer. The second dance was terrific. I loved the leap into the air.

Joey is very entertaining but not quite as good a dancer (in my humble opinion). Laila is getting better each week and I love to watch her partner.

So that leaves Ian and BRC as my candidates to leave tonight. I hope that it is BRC. I don't think that he works very hard and he is soooo stiff. Ian has a lot more musicality (to quote the judges) and obviously is working his you know what off.

I'm worried that a backlash vote against Bruno calling BRC's dance "crap" will save BRC one more week.

We shall see.

Is that better, kris? :grin: by the way, thanks for missing me.



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I also think Apolo and Julianne were head and shoulders above everyone - not just this week, but most weeks. Len giving them an 8 was ridiculous.

I hope Ian is the next to go. He just doesn't have it. lol. I like Joey and Laila, though I do think Joey is a much better dancer. Although I'd be thrilled for a female to win it, I just don't think Laila is the answer. She's good, but she's not on the same level as Apolo and not even as good as Joey, in my humble opinion.

I give them all credit though. I think they are all doing an amazing job.



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Well, I was half right. BRC was in the bottom two and got the boot. Dialidol did have Joey in the bottom two but I just thought that they were wrong. I thought he was much more popular than Ian.

But I think that the right person went home. The last four can all dance so it should be interesting from here.



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Okay, kris pointed out in a PM that I was MIA on the DWTS thread so . . . I'm baaack!

Another one here that noticed your absence! Glad to see you on this thread, Kathy.

I know it's late in the game, but I'll throw my .02 in the ring.

Okay, it's time to take up torches against Len and run him off the panel! Sheesh!

BRC: Good grief! It's about time. "Cr*p" was putting it KINDLY.

Ian: Did you see their complete shock that they weren't in the bottom two?

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Ian tries, he just doesn't have the spark Joey and Apolo have.

(I kinda liked that happening. Gives it a element of suprise)

Joey: Did you see their complete shock that they WERE in the bottom two?

(I was really afraid that maybe Joey was going to go instead of BRC)

Leila: Okay, I have to agree with Len on their routines using too much time for "head on pillow" kind of stuff. DANCE. Stop doing all that silly nonsense.

Apolo: Their Tango I really liked. It had a modern twist to it without losing the traditional dance. Yes, it didn't have all that over-rought drama, but I really liked it. Yo Len! I know it's your job to be the "old f*rt" of the panel, so here's your score: 10! Now, relax and loosen your desperate grip on your need to see "PROPAH DONSE" . :hypnosis:

OMG! Let's talk Apolo's Paso! Loved, loved, the LEAP! Fantasic! Julieanne is ONLY 18 and what a choreograher! Apolo is a natural, obviously. So much fun to watch.

Okay, BRC is gone. Let's get down to the business of watching some great dancing! :thumb:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> since i don't watch the results show i had no idea joey was in the bottom two. see, that's what happens when the judges started predicting a win for a particular couple. people think they don't need the votes.

it should be ian going this week which will leave us with-a good, strong final four.

kathy, great o see you.

i'm a joey fan, but my money's on apolo to win the hideous trophy.

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