Easy, cheap crock pot recipe


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You all gave me some great crock pot recipes when I asked for them, so I thought I'd share a dish my friend shared with me that my kids and boyfriend loved. It's called hamburger stew and it's relatively cheap and easy to make. It serves 4.

Ingredients: 1 lb cooked ground beef, drained. 1 large can V8 juice. 4 potatoes, cubed. 2 large carrots, chopped. 1/4 head of cabbage, chopped. Dash of garlic salt.

Combine meat and veggies in crock pot. Pour V8 juice on top. Sprinkle with garlic salt. Cook on high for eight hours. That's it! Super easy and delicious. One of the rare times I got compliments from everybody in the family.


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That is almost like a hamburger soup we make. We use the same basic ingredients except we use either frozen mixed veggies or canned mixed veggies. We also add beef bullion to it. We also love it and serve it with saltine crackers. I havent done it in the crockpot because it doesnt take long at all using the mixed veggies.