easy child/difficult child is slowly but surely improving


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I love being able to report a success story, especially when it comes to one of my kids. I am happy to say that easy child/difficult child, who had a very rough start to the school year, is doing much better. He has worked hard to bring his grades back up. A month ago he was getting three F's and many zeros in several classes. He made up almost all of his work and now he has brought his grades back to A's, B's, and C's.

The best part is when I dropped him off at school this morning. The school principal actually came up to my car and told me that easy child is doing great this year. She says he is much more outgoing than last year and has a great group of friends. Last year he was incredibly shy and introverted and pretty much non verbal with adults. This year he is actually initiating conversation. I am so proud of him for over coming some pretty big social hurdles. I am very relieved he is starting to improve and I just hope he keeps it up!