easy child has a girlfriend (and is telling about it to us)

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  1. SuZir

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    My Littlest One has his very first real and official girlfriend :bigsmile:

    That he admits to us, that is. I know he has had girlfriends before. Some he even has taken home but has introduced them as just friends. He broke up with his latest 'just friends' girlfriend last fall I think. He has in occasion admitted he liked certain girl, but no actual, admitted, bona fide girlfriends before this. This girl has also been here once as 'just a friend' and they have often been together in library etc. when I have picked easy child up, but now easy child has both added her as a girlfriend in Facebook and just asked if he can spend coming weekend on her family's boat. I and husband are heading to marriage camp so I have to say I like it more that easy child is with her family than that they would be here at home alone.

    I don't know this girl that much. Seems like a nice and polite girl, what I have seen her. Very pretty too. From same school as easy child but lives on the different side of the big city we live nearby. She is couple months older than easy child, already turned 17, but close in age, which I like.

    Seems like my Littlest One isn't that little any more either *deep wistful sigh and small sob* :bigsmile:
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    LOL young love is soooo cute!

    Talk to the parents and make sure they aren't crazy first but other than that I agree out with a family is better than home alone.
  3. DDD

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    I've been there done that a number of times. Not "always" but most of the time....you can judge the girl by the parents. Yeah, I know I was an awesome parent with a few difficult child's but "mostly" if the parents seem grounded and sane you can rest assured that the girl may not be perfect BUT she will feel guilty! LOL DDD
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    Young love with PCs is adorable. I think Jumper and her boyfriend are adorable. And this time his family is great and love her. So I sort of agree with DDD. Also, beware of how she treats her family! I always tell Jumper that if a guy doesn't treat his family well, he won't treat you well either in the end.

    Suz, from what you have told us about easy child, I doubt you have reason to worry. He probably would shun a difficult child girl. It is a good sign that she is polite to you. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! :)
  5. SuZir

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    I'm not worried at all. Just little wistful that my babies are growing up and I'm not the most important person in their lives any more. And bit lost on what I'm supposed to do now. And little bit jealous to me friends whose kids are still at pre school or who just had a baby. I'm 43 and while my kids were young and people pitied me for lost youth because of having kids so young (in local standards) I always told them that having kids young I would still be young when they moved out and I would have time to enjoy myself then. But now that this is becoming reality, I really don't know what to do with my time. We even seriously considered having one more kid couple years ago with husband, but decided against it. One more easy child would had been lovely, but we were not sure if we could have handled one more baby- and toddlerhood like with difficult child. I did mommytrack my career and while I don't regret a second, difficult child wouldn't had survived otherwise and I really enjoyed time I was at home or doing short hours to be more at home, now I'm left with nice job that I like, has reasonable hours and which pays decently but that doesn't challenge me much. I could change jobs but it is too late to build a career I dreamed of. I have my hobbies that I enjoy and I have started new ones after not needing to be a chauffeur all the time. But... Yeah, I really haven't yet figured out how I'm going to spend rest of my life and I'm hopefully just around middle point of it. (And yeah, I know these are real First World Problems and I shouldn't whine about them.)

    I haven't spoken to the girl's parents (would be considered too pushy on local standards), but I will drop easy child off to the dock and I will see parents then. And (don't tell easy child, but) because I'm a worrywart I did ask a little bit around and because the world is small and both we and this family are part of even smaller minority, we do have friends who know this family. Sound very ordinary folk so I'm thinking they are unlikely to be chainsaw murderers who would use their daughter as a bait to allure teen boys to their boat to kill them and feed them to herrings (no sharks in our waters.)

    This girl is also likely PCish. Not only because of easy child's taste (he really wouldn't go for troublesome girl, or even that quirky, his tastes tend to be very vanilla) but because of other things. Little Google search revealed some rather wholesome activities she is involved with, being polite to adults is a big sign and she is a school mate of easy child's. Our compulsory education ends after 9 grades and kids apply to different High Schools and their programs. Admissions are mostly based on grades and in some special programs also to other things. School easy child is in has special sport and music programs where not only grades but also level of sport or music kid does counts, but to be accepted to their general program (and this girl is on that) you have to have GPA of over 0,875 and around here, when 0,5 is already a pass and average is curved to 0,7-0,75 that is high. Most difficult children are not in top 10 % of their graduating classes like this girl has had to be had (okay, "has had to be had", that can't be correct but I can't figure out how I should say that.) Of course my difficult child did go to this same High school, so grades don't tell the whole story, but mostly they give you a good idea.
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    Oh yes you are.
    It's just a different kind of important.
    They need you in a different way.
  7. SuZir

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    Notice the 'most.' I'm sure I'm not insignificant person for either of my kids but there certainly is not getting back to that time when I was centre of their world. And that is how it should be. And I certainly don't want to try to languish on what is left of that and become my mother in law. But it seems so darn unfair that they are so happy to let go of me and I feel so wistful over it. Some say that one would love their grandkids even more than their own at that point, but I still have a difficult time to see that (and hopefully will not have grandkids any time soon.) Those boys of mine are so darned special to me that I have difficult time seeing anything going over that.

    But I digress (as usual.) We did drop easy child to the dock and parents of girlfriend seemed decidedly normal and nice. Only thing to worry I can come up with is if they know how to handle their boat. They most likely do; and if not, easy child does.
  8. InsaneCdn

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    "Most" important. Yes, you are. At least intermittently. Because... you are always there.
    Like... when easy child and girlfriend break up... who else will he turn to but... Mom.