easy child is turning into full blown difficult child status...sigh


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easy child is having a rough time of it in 8th grade so far. His grades are terrible and he is lying about doing homework. I get his progress reports every day online and I saw multiple zeros already within the first week of school. I took away his video games until he made up some work. He said he made up the work, but then his teacher reported that he never did it. Now he has zeros in almost every single class and he keeps getting further and further behind.

Yesterday he was assigned lunch detention by his language arts teacher and he didn't show up. When I found out about it I confronted him after school. He gave me story that he needed a hall pass to enter the building during lunch time and the teacher never gave him a pass. Supposedly when he attempted to enter the classroom a security guard wouldn't let him go through due to not having a pass. Turns out that was one great big lie. Passes are not necessary to go to a classroom during lunch. easy child/difficult child made the whole story up.

The assistant principal called him into her office today to confront him about his defiance and refusal to go to detention. She told him that with his grades he may not graduate this year. I don't know why he has suddenly chosen this year to start rebelling. I turned the data off his cellphone so he no longer has access to internet until his grades go up. Yesterday he told me he wants to go to my phone carrier's office and bash everybody's heads in with a crowbar. I seriously got freaked out because my son is not usually a violent kid. He now claims he said that because he's upset and he really didn't mean it, but now I'm scared. Why the sudden blatant disrespect for authority? Last year he was my honor roll student. This year he may fail. I don't know what I can do to turn him around before it's too late. It's hard enough with one difficult child but now I have two and I feel overwhelmed and helpless.


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I know whenever I would cut my daughters phone off, she would become unhinged and enraged just like your son did there. I seriously think the cell phones and internet are equivalent to crack addict and his crack. You take away crack, it will be hell to pay.


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Honestly I would say that with the turmoil between you and ex, you and your difficult child, having a serious boyfriend who just had major surgery, and being a teenager he has had just about enough to unhinge any kid. Get him in therapy.


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For what it is worth, just jumping in here, I used to buy the drug tests at the drug store and test my sons all the time. Catching anything early, just in case, might really help...They aren't 100% correct, but when they came up positive for pot, my son would break down and admit it. I just wished I had caught it when he was 13 or so....


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CG, is this the son who is on the autism spectrum? Does he have friends anyway that he goes out with? If so, I would do what luane suggested. Scarily, my daughter started using drugs at age 12. And I know your ex is abusive and your son lived there for a while....hugs.


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Hormones + spectrum. Horrid combo. been there done that.
Teachers tend to see the attitude as hormones and not as spectrum, when often the balance is the other way around. School right now is probably horrible for him. Grades 8 & 9 are especially bad.

No advice, but lots of hugs.