easy child returning early this weekend

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    Yesterday, easy child left with a group of friends to drive 3 - 4 hours away for the weekend to attend another friend's wedding.

    I think whole thing is a joke. The bride met the groom on the internet two - three years ago when she was 16 years old. Decided they were a match so bride's parents take her to a musicfest to meet groom. They decided they love each other (I think he was 20 yrs old at the time) so parents bring groom home to live with them until they get engaged and then groom finds his own appointment so bride can visit him whenever she wants.

    The wedding is at groom's home town because even though he hasn't lived there for 4 years, that is where his family is. So, here is another young couple getting married and trying to play at being grown up.

    I called easy child two hours ago and found out that EVERYONE has the flu (except for the driver who drove easy child and the other girls down and the children they took with). The guys and gals ate at two different fast food places here in town before leaving. (I had suggested food poisening) The bride's dad and some others are also sick. easy child says one person was throwing up all day and she was holding it back all day (wedding was today).

    So instead of staying overnight again, they are all coming back (arriving about 11:30) cause even though they are willing to attend the reception while sick, everyone wants to be home after the reception.

    Now is that a sign or not? I don't think my thoughts on the entire situation would have caused this? Maybe I have more powers than I thought? Ummmmm
  2. totoro

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    Well even though I think everyone should have to wait until at least 25 before even thinking about marriage nowadays... maybe they will make it?
    It sounds like easy child has a good head on her shoulders. Maybe she will wait?
    Sorry they all got sick, tell her not to bring it home!
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmm I was in a wedding were the bride had a pen explode on her hands b4 the ceremony. The maid of honors heal fell of her shoe and 3 of the brides maid's dresses started falling appart b4 they even got to the church, ummmm that was 7 years ago and my friend (the bride) just filed for divorce last week, hmmmmm karma>? Fate>? Godly intervention>? who knows????
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well at my wedding -

    It was a full moon
    It began to rain torrential storm of the year
    X locked his tux in the car 10 minutes before the ceremony
    The cake literally fell apart in the bakers car
    My dad asked me if I would rather go bass fishing walking down the aisle and I seriously considered his offer
    My x mother in law wore a black dress she had recently worn to a funeral
    The groomsmens cummerbunds were wrong color - right sizes
    My bridesmaids wore black dresses (everyone said xmil wanted to be a bridesmaid)
    Our unity candle went out 7 times and couldn't be lit.
    The bottom of my shoes said HELP ME
    The bottom of X's shoes - ME TOO
    x forgot to get us a room -and there was a convention in town
    My maid of honor took all my clothes out of my suitcase and replaced it with towels - I went to breakfast the next morning without makeup, in my high heels and wedding trouseau another white dress not as fancy and a full length fur coat - I looked like a hooker in the truckers cafe we had breakfast in
    The pen to sign our marriage license with would not work, the next pen didn't either - and you can see where X scribbled in the corner of the CERTIFICATE to try to get it to write -very classy
    And in the middle of my vows - I "started" -

    Yeah I should have gone bass fishing with my Dad.