easy child's Hardship

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    In addition to my health issues, easy child has had some of her own that I have not posted about before today.

    Six weeks ago, easy child was jumping on a trampoline and a few days later began to limp and has what she described as sore muscles in her upper thigh.

    I took her to her Pediatrician who ordered an XRay and rest,ice and motrin for a few days.

    After a few days, easy child was still limping and in a little pain. Her Pediatrician then ordered an MRI. The MRI showed a torn/perforated muscle and some fluid build-up.

    We then decided she would see a Specialist at the Children's Hospital in our area. At first read of the MRI they found what they thought to be a mass of some sort ( I was alone with easy child at the 1st visit and almost fainted when the Dr. told me this). Bloodwork and CTScan were ordered immediately. Bloodwork was within normal limits but the CTScan showed mass as well.

    After reading the CTScan the Specialist ordered a full body Bone Scan. After a team of Dr's reveiwed her case and fused all her testing together it was suggested that easy child has a diagnosis of Ideopathic Chondrylisis (sp?)

    It was recommended that easy child have a procedure in the OR just to see exactly what was going on.

    easy child had the procedure and it was confirmed that this was her diagnosis. Unfortunately, there is no rhyme or reason to this disorder and googling it makes me sick to my stomach so I have tried to stay away from that.

    She now has to utilize a CPM machine every night while sleeping for 10-12 hrs. It manipulates the joint and will help easy child gain mobility back. She has limped and been stiff since the beginning (this has been torture to watch)

    She also must have PT 3 days per week.

    I know this is all temporary (hopefully, no guarantees, some kids get worse, some recover fully) and not life threatening as in the beginning we thought it may be.

    She is quite an easy going kid but I know this is going to be uncomfortable for her for 6 weeks . She has a Queen size bed and I have decided to sleep beside her for the duration.

    Sigh ...
  2. HaoZi

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    Poor kid, I hope she's one that makes a full recovery and does it without any extra pain.
  3. ML

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    Oh no I'm so sorry. I will have to google this myself, I've never heard of it. But I sure hope she recovers completely as she grows.
  4. Hound dog

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    Oh, my! It may not be life threatening, but it's still pretty awful to go through. Poor kid.

    I'll keep easy child in my prayers for a speedy recovery.

  5. DaisyFace

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    Poor kid!

  6. nvts

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    Many hugs and lots of prayers for you and easy child...please keep us posted and make time for yourself...let her know that we're all rooting for her!

  7. DammitJanet

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    Oh no! Poor easy child. Give her gentle hugs from me.
  8. Shari

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    Sending prayers. I used a cpm and it was hard to sleep. I hope it works well
    For her.
  9. shellyd67

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    It was a tough night. easy child is a mover and a shaker when she sleeps so she just kept coming out of the machine. I barely slept because I know how crucial this machine is to helping her recovery.

    I kept hooking her back up. It is going to be a long 6 weeks for all of us.

    We have been thrown so many curve balls in the last 2 months.

    easy child has such a great attitude right now and I know as time goes on she will begin to dislike her night time ritual.

    I told her we were now "roomies" and I keep calling her "roomie" and she is getting a big kick out of it.

    husband is going to have to take a few shifts when I have my gallbladder surgery this Thursday.

    Better days are ahead, I just wish they would hurry up and get here !

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words.
  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Shelly -

    I'm just seeing this! WOW - I'm really sorry, but I think your quick wit on the roomies comment was brilliant! Way To Go Mom! I have no idea what she has, but it sounds painful. So I'm sending extra hugs and love -with quick healing and patience for you both and good thoughts......I hope the next 6 weeks are a time that the both of you can get closer and find really good things to do together!

    Keep us updated on the progress. Hugs & Love