Easy Xmas project for your kids to give

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    to their friends.

    I am tracing around a template made from a cookie cutter. (The general idea came from Family Fun, but was tweaked by thank you). We are going to glue 2 felt shapes together with teh double loop end of a big paper clip hanging down.

    thank you is going to help me glue, and then he will decorate them. He is even going to help me then put a loop of thread at the top so they can be bookmarks (using the paper clip part) or tree ornaments (using the thread loop). The class has done some sewing using patterns to make geography shapes, so he feels he has "skills" to use for the loops. I am all there in encouraging that.

    I spent $1.60 on 8 pieces of felt, $1 on dimensional paint for the gingerbread men, but I have paint for the Chrsitmas Trees (we are doing 1 of each for each kid). It will take a couple of hours of cuttign on my part, but if I left that to him he would be overwhelmed. So I will get them cut, and tomorrow or Sat we will paint and glue them.

    FWIW - felt works better than the fun foam. It is hard to get some glues to work properly on the fun foam.

    Anyway, a whole ton of ornaments for very little. And if you have access to one of the die-cut machines that will cut felt as well as paper, you could have these cut in a snap.
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    That sounds nifty!

    Maybe I'll see if easy child would like to do this for her class -- she's very crafty... Sure didn't get that gene from me!
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    What a good idea Susie. Thanks for sharing. easy child is carrying on the xmas tradition of children making decorations for the tree/house and this will be great for her and Darrin to do together. :)
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    I got the felt at Walmart for 20 cents a sheet and teh glue I have (tacky glue). the paint for the gingerbread dudes is dimensional fabric paint in the little squeeze bottle, I have a ton of the little 2 oz bottles in every color for the trees.

    I didn't get paperclips yet. I have to pick those up tomorrow.

    But still, for ornaments for 30 kids for about $5, not too shabby in this day and age!